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Tama Kieves, A Year Without Fear

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Omega in NY: July 24-26

Learn how to choose and trust the passion that will take you all the way in life. Rediscover the power of your Inspired Self using breakthrough strategies and creative exercises in this upstate New York paradise. Make 2015 the year you Unleash Your Calling and Create the Work and Life You Love!


A Year Without Fear


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A Year Without Fear: 365 Days of Magnificence

What would your life be like — if you had no fear? Discover what you can REALLY have this year. With Tama’s infectious encouragement, presented in easy-to-action five-minute mind-set shifts, this book will help you uncover your own astonishing potential every single day.


Friday Night Write


Friday Night Write!

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Join us from ANYWHERE on Friday April 24 at 5:30p.m (Pacific Time). Or get the recording. Ready to write that memoir or article, ditch doubts, and tap your own true genius? Join us in this inspired experience and amp up your joy, commitment, and inevitable success. Plus LIVE coaching with TAMA!