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New Book Pre-Sale


Thriving Through Uncertainty

Thriving Through Uncertainty Holiday Pre-Sale

Holidays are always busy, and let’s face it: shopping for quick-and-easy gifts often isn’t very satisfying. But here is a solution for a gift that’s super easy for you and deeply meaningful for your loved ones! Especially during uncertain times! December 8-15 is a Holiday Pre-Sale for THRIVING THROUGH UNCERTAINTY, my new book that drops in early January.

Tama Kieves Retreats


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Kripalu in MA Jan 19-21, 2018

Join us for a WEEKEND RETREAT to kick off the New Year…and Unleash Your Calling and Create the Work and Life You Love. Do you feel empty in your work or life or wish you could uncover/ take your passion into the world and get paid for it? With Tama’s support, coaching, and time-tested strategies, move past fears into the inspired life you were born to live. Enjoy the nurturing, world-class, holistic experience of Kripalu & leave on fire for your life.


A Course in Miracles


A Course in Miracles

(SPECIAL HOLIDAY SERIES!) A Course in Miracles
November 28December 19

Tired of being held hostage to fear or self-doubt? Choose to listen to a Voice of Strength within instead of a voice of weakness. Open to an inspired way of experiencing yourself and all the relationships in your life—(YES—even with your family in the holiday season!). Join us for this Ultimate Adventure in Freedom.


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You are determined to change your life and live your destiny. But do you get stuck or doubt yourself? Run up against limiting thoughts? Need some radical encouragement? Join now and STAY inspired with ongoing coaching/support for your dreams. Discover your own brilliant way to succeed. Join the Tribe.

Tama Kieves A Year Without Fear


My Featured Product

Daily Mindset Shift Audio Program

This Daily Mindset Shift audio program is based on Tama’s book, A Year without Fear: 365 Days of Magnificence. With her gift for language and imagery, listen to Tama share an inspired way to see things with a specific coaching intention for your day followed by a deeply meaningful meditation.




Thriving Through Uncertainty

Tama’s New Book: Thriving Through Uncertainty

Tama’s new book, Thriving Through Uncertainty (out in January 2018!) proves that the moment your plans fall apart is precisely when your true destiny begins. With Tama’s guidance, you can take hold of the blessings and opportunities hidden within uncertain transitional periods and begin to move forward. You can pre-order on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.