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OMEGA INSTITUTE: (90 min from NYC)

August 10thAugust 12th

This is the only THRIVING THROUGH UNCERTAINTY Weekend Retreat I am giving all year! Whether you’re going through a divorce, career transition, growing your dream business or any other transition, —this turning point weekend of dedication can help you discover your inspired roadmap and choose from strength instead of weakness. Learn how to make the most inspired decisions of your life. Join me in a walker’s paradise of trails, meditative gardens, spa treatments, yoga, + more!


Thriving through Uncertainty

Tama’s New Book: Thriving Through Uncertainty

For many people, uncertainty can drain or overwhelm. It can be difficult to see which path to take, in the midst of change or transition. Tama’s book, Thriving Through Uncertainty shows the path is already within you—and more fulfilling than you imagine. This practical guidebook will help to activate your innate intelligence instead of doubt it. You can purchase your copy here or here.



Magic Journey to the Self

Magic Journey to the Self:
A Guided Freewriting Adventure

August 23rd

Are you feeling restless? Ready to unlock a healing? Or open up to your wild, infinitely creative magic? Join me August 23rd from anywhere in the world for just $10.00 (and yes, it’s recorded) Together, we’re going on a sacred adventure! A guided meditation followed by writing/journal prompts and the ability to share your writing with others, if you like.



A Course in Miracles

A Course in Miracles

September 18 – November 6, 2018

Tired of being held hostage to fear or self-doubt? Choose to listen to a Voice of Strength within instead of a voice of weakness. Open to an inspired way of experiencing yourself and all the relationships in your life. It’s time to make every moment count. Join us for this Ultimate Adventure in Freedom.