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Harvard lawyer turned career catalyst and author

welcomes visionaries, career-transitioners, artists, leaders, meaning-seekers, freedom-junkies & entrepreneurs...

You were born to live a BRILLIANT life.

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The Whole Coach

April 29 – May 20, 2021

THE WHOLE COACH IS BACK! Ready to jumpstart, deepen, or awaken your passion for coaching like never before? Join me for THE WHOLE COACH: 30 Days to Jumpstart Your Coaching Practice on Thursdays, starting April 29th @8:00pm ET (and recorded!). If you are thinking about becoming a coach or you’re already an experienced coach, I want to take a stand for YOUR brilliance in this field. Before you spend thousands of dollars on programs you might not need, I want you to dive into an experience of clarity and joy—that can help you realize your full potential.   In my years as a master coach, I have identified the things that have the potential to slow or stop this career OR to be excellent and over-the-moon successful in it. Get what you need to start coaching NOW or start succeeding like never before. Get more details here!

Getting Your Work into the World

June 3-24, 2021

What if you knew you already had a brilliant plan inside you for getting your work in the world? If you knew you could find true, practical, “I-can-do-this” answers to help you move past your misperceptions and resistance? Please join me for GETTING YOUR WORK IN THE WORLD starting Thursday, June 3 @8pm ET. GETTING YOUR WORK IN THE WORLD is a container to get you moving in a way that is right for you, to allow you to reach sustainable true success in growing your business (or teaching your classes, getting your blogs out there, selling your coaching, legal services, jewelry, products, programs, or producing your music, or whatever you wish to put into the world right now…) Before you spend thousands of dollars on marketing programs or software systems, consider JOINING ME to unpack your natural, fearless way to succeed and gain inspired momentum in the process. And new members ALSO get 3 free months of my Inspired & Unstoppable Life Tribe! Jump in at the EARLY BIRD PRICE. Get more details here!

Wild Wisdom Wake-Up!

May 21, 2021

Do you ever feel like there is a mismatch between how you feel on in the inside and what your life looks like on the outside? You are here on earth so briefly. It’s so vital to live your truth. Join me Friday, May 21 @ 8pm ET for WILD WISDOM WAKE-UP on Living Your Truth — for just $10! A WILD WISDOM WAKE-UP is all about finding extraordinary answers in extraordinary ways! Through safety, intuition, creative prompts and discussion with a maverick community, you’ll get out of your head to reach your wildest wisdom and receive nudges, aha’s, sideways magic, and deeper answers and direction….and for just $10! It’s time to build a stronghold of inner power, self-love, and trust that never wavers – to help you live your truth in every single area of your life. Get your wild details here!

Thriving Through Uncertainty
with A Course in Miracles

April 6 – May 25, 2021

It’s not to late to join me for 8 weeks of powerful breakthroughs! A new live series of THRIVING THROUGH UNCERTAINTY with A COURSE IN MIRACLES meets Tuesdays, April 6th-May 25th at 8pm ET. (On Zoom & recorded too!) This program combines the wisdom of A Course in Miracles with my latest book to show you how to move beyond fear and listen to your Exceptional Potential — and experience the love and connection of a lifetime. Join your people — smart, fun, conscious, & loving — for an 8-week sanctuary—an oasis to share and shift anything that’s going on for you —and create a life you love more than you ever thought possible. It’s a POWERFUL boost of energy & brilliant strategies that will help you connect back to your True Self and a whole new way to live. If you’re looking for direction or a way past fear, you do NOT want to miss this!  Get more details here!

Harvard lawyer turned career catalyst and author

Tama Kieves welcomes visionaries, career-transitioners, artists, leaders, meaning-seekers, freedom-junkies & entrepreneurs.  Read Tama’s Welcome Message…