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Harvard lawyer turned career catalyst and author

welcomes visionaries, career-transitioners, artists, leaders, meaning-seekers, freedom-junkies & entrepreneurs...

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A Month of Miracles

December 1-22, 2020

It’s easy to feel stress at this time of the year—-especially this year. Oh, but it’s not too late to make this a powerfully meaningful year, even a great year. Your mindset matters more than ever before—and it creates your entire life. That’s why I want to help you learn some incredible techniques and practices to experience the power of your True Self. Because you are just one thought away from a miracle. In A MONTH OF MIRACLES, drawing from the wisdom teachings of A Course in Miracles, we will come together and learn how to access more love for ourselves, our lives, and everyone around us. Freedom comes from loving our lives and creating more of what we truly want. Let’s give the gift of extraordinary love for the holidays. And let’s end this demanding year on a high note! Everything changes with weekly focus, encouragement and support from a vital, conscious, loving community. Keep in mind, how you end 2020 is you begin 2021. If you want a new year of love, let’s end this year in loveGet more details here!

A Year Without Fear Daily Mindset Program!

Holiday Special!

Let this be the year you go beyond fear! Who would you be if you practiced listening to your own astonishing potential, every single day? A YEAR WITHOUT FEAR Daily Mindset Shift Program brings you a year of 5-minute daily guided audio meditations (and coaching)….starting on January 1, 2021! A powerful accompaniment to my book A Year Without Fear, this is my most popular program, and now it’s at a special holiday price – the lowest it’s ever been! Through Dec 31, it’s on sale for just $99 (it’s usually $179 for the year) …which comes out to 27 cents a day! Each daily selection helps you set an intention for the day. This creates your day. And your days create your life. This program works MAGIC, which is why so many people sign up for it, year after year. Oh, and it’s also an amazing gift of support, love and encouragement for your loved ones….what could be better than the gift of DAILY inspiration and support? Get more details here!

Getting Your Work Into The World

Self-Guided Program

GETTING YOUR WORK INTO THE WORLD: A 30-Day Dedication of Inspired Momentum! This course is a hotbed of real growth and a container to get you moving in the way that is right for you, that will allow you to reach sustainable true success in growing your business (or teaching your classes, getting your blogs out there, selling your coaching, legal services, jewelry, products, programs, or producing your music, or whatever you wish to put into the world right now…) Before you spend thousands of dollars on a marketing program you may or may not need, or a software system that you don’t understand, or a training that makes you feel like a fish out of water – consider joining me as we unpack your natural, fearless way to succeed and gain inspired momentum. This program will be full of personal interaction as we look at marketing, fear of failure, money, standing out, stamina, and so much more. Get more details here! 


Harvard lawyer turned career catalyst and author

Tama Kieves welcomes visionaries, career-transitioners, artists, leaders, meaning-seekers, freedom-junkies & entrepreneurs.  Read Tama’s Welcome Message…