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Harvard lawyer turned career catalyst and author

welcomes visionaries, career-transitioners, artists, leaders, meaning-seekers, freedom-junkies & entrepreneurs...

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Getting Your Work Into The World

October 22 – November 12, 2020

Join me on Thursdays, October 22 – November 12 @ 8pm Eastern for GETTING YOUR WORK INTO THE WORLD: A 30-Day Dedication of Inspired Momentum! This course is a hotbed of real growth and a container to get you moving in the way that is right for you, that will allow you to reach sustainable true success in growing your business (or teaching your classes, getting your blogs out there, selling your coaching, legal services, jewelry, products, programs, or producing your music, or whatever you wish to put into the world right now…) Before you spend thousands of dollars on a marketing program you may or may not need, or a software system that you don’t understand, or a training that makes you feel like a fish out of water – consider joining me as we unpack your natural, fearless way to succeed and gain inspired momentum. This program will be full of personal interaction as we look at marketing, fear of failure, money, standing out, stamina, and so much more. Get more details here! 


Wild Wisdom Wake-up!

October 30, 2020

Join me Friday, October 30th @ 8pm ET for Wild Wisdom Wake-up! WILD WISDOM WAKE-UP is all about finding extraordinary answers in extraordinary ways! Through safety, intuition, creative prompts and discussion with a maverick community, you’ll get out of your head to reach your wildest wisdom and receive nudges, aha’s, sideways magic, and deeper answers and direction….and for just $10! This month’s theme is DELIGHT! Delight might not be the word you would use for these times – but maybe it should be. Have you been feeling disconnected, exhausted, or like you can’t find your way to what you love most in life? Life is too short to stay numb!) Everyone is talking about surviving – but you might have forgotten that delighting is an act of strength. Let’s wake up to your deepest wisdom together, and find out how to make your life sweet right now….for just $10! Get more details here! 

Thriving Through Uncertainty
with A Course in Miracles

September 29 – November 17, 2020

It’s not too late to join me! A LIVE online 8-week series based on my latest book, Thriving Through Uncertainty, combined with A Course in Miracles. Right now, in these times of spreading fear—you can get stuck in fear. You can think you don’t know how to calm down, get clear or figure out what to do or start imagining that your life will never be okay again…But there’s an Intelligent Power in you—and I want to help you make the best decisions of your lifetime right now…and all the time. This program will show you how to move beyond fear and listen to your Higher Mind—and experience the love and connection of a lifetime. Get more details here!

Magic Journey To The Self!

Get the recording!

Now is the ideal time to connect to our CREATIVITY. Feeling uncertain or restless right now? Are you stuck at home and/or stuck in your creativity? Ready to unlock a healing or shift? Or words that can change the lives of others? Come play, heal, and create with me! Uncover your soul’s guidance and feel the rush of creative energy. Allow yourself to write what you need to write, journal answers– or let out the best damn writing of your life! Share your writing with others, if you like—and join me and a creative, healing community. And for just $10! Get more details here!

Harvard lawyer turned career catalyst and author

Tama Kieves welcomes visionaries, career-transitioners, artists, leaders, meaning-seekers, freedom-junkies & entrepreneurs.  Read Tama’s Welcome Message…