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A Course in Miracles:

An Experiential Workshop in Living in Love instead of Fear

LIVE in Denver ( Washington Park area):  8 weeks, meets once a week on Tuesday nights from 6:30pm – 8:30pm.  January 28 – March 17, 2020. Click here to register!

Virtual Program: DIY Timing & Pacing…Anywhere, Anytime! Click here to register!

Who would you be without your anxiety or self-doubt?  What would it be like to be your True Self, more loving, inspired, and strong, in ALL aspects of your life? I’ll tell you. It would be MIRACULOUS.

The voice you listen to inside yourself— determines your entire life. Are you choosing from fear or love?

Do you know how to make that choice—and turn everything around?

You may know I’ve taught the life-changing path of A Course in Miracles for decades, and I’m a little crazy (in a good way!) about it. A Course in Miracles is a spiritual psychotherapy program that has provided millions of individuals with the tools to return to an experience of their own amazing inner guidance and life’s purpose.  It is an inspired practice for those who want to be FREE.

“You talked about how we’re either listening to fear or to love.  I‘ve heard this many times, but I heard it in a whole new way this time. The way that you describe the concepts and bring it to everyday life, is perfect.”  E. Lewis  Click here to read more…

When I teach A Course in Miracles, it is a deeply experiential process.  It is intimate, courageous, wild, wickedly fun, and amazingly practical.  

Attend live in Denver, or opt for the virtual experience, where you get to experience this transformation work anytime, from anywhere.  Either way: It’s time to make every moment of your life count. Your happiness does not depend on external circumstances. It does depend on choosing to live in love instead of fear, power instead of weakness.

“Tama, I swear I just healed something with you in your A Course in Miracles class that has kept me back for more than 15 years. You’re amazing. And so is this class!” – M. Miller   Click here to read more…

Thinking about joining live in Denver? Here are a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy:

  • – Each session starts with a deep guided meditation set to music, bringing you fully into the presence of support
  • – Delve into the topics of A Course in Miracles in an intimate, your-life-is-the-curriculum way, guided by my decades of experience teaching this course, combined with the love and support of others who are on this journey with you, creating an oasis of transformation in your life–every single week
  • – Experience peace and ease in more of your relationships, a greater sense of purpose, a way to make the best decisions of your lifetime, and the chance to experience every aspect of your life in a more inspired way
  • – Find access to your own inner authority, in a place of ultimate support and love for you
  • – Ask questions and get immediate feedback from me and experience interactive break-out sessions where you will explore the lessons of A Course in Miracles in a way that will truly change your life

LIVE in Denver ( Washington Park area):  8 weeks, meets once a week on Tuesday nights from 6:30pm – 8:30pm.  January 28 – March 17, 2020. Click here to register!


OR…Prefer to experience this course virtually? Some of the benefits include:

  • – Bring this transformative spiritual experience into the time and place most convenient and comfortable for you
  • – Send in questions ahead of time – I will often incorporate these into the live course, or respond to you, when possible – integrating your own life questions into our group’s journey
  • – Practice applying the learnings of A Course in Miracles to whatever you are going through right now, together with others who are walking a similar path of discovery. There is so much power in sharing this journey.

“I can’t wait for the next recording! Tama, I want you to know that I feel so connected to this group. Just the meditation alone had me feel something I hadn’t felt in years. I am getting so much out of each session!” – S. Warren  Click here to read more…

Option 1: Register to attend LIVE in Denver:

There are two payment options available for the live, Denver-based program of  A Course in Miracles: pay the full course balance upfront (before the first night of the class) for $250.00, or pay a total of $275.00 in two installments ($150 deposit to secure your spot, $125 final balance before first class.)  Select your payment link below:

Option 2: Register for Virtual Experience:

Want to participate, but can’t be here in person? GREAT NEWS! You can now enjoy the power and support of Tama’s A Course in Miracles workshop, from the comfort of your home or iPod…through the Virtual 8-Week Workshop!

This option offers the ultimate in flexibility, as you bring this transformative spiritual experience into the time and place most convenient and comfortable for you.

Join the virtual experience! And tell your friends in Italy, South Africa, and Cleveland!  You’ll feel as if you are in the room live with Tama and kindred spirits engaging in deep discussions, including questions and comments from both live participants and also from virtual attendees.

Plus…With the recording, you’ll also receive a summary of the lesson focus for the week — and how to practice it, to learn to make both small and monumental life choices from a place of inspiration – instead of fear.

You can even email any questions or comments that arise throughout the course! I’m very responsive! I often incorporate questions or comments into the live course or may even respond to you personally. Because I read them all, your comments and questions WILL inform and enliven my approach to each live class.

The Virtual workshop is just $97.  Click here to Register Now!