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“This was The BEST… most unbelievable boost I needed to remind me how important it is to KEEP ON, KEEPING ON for my life purpose, for the gift I have inside me.

– Nicole Luikaart


Tama Kieves

What I KNOW – after coaching entrepreneurs, visionaries, creative-thinkers, career-transition-ers, and truth-seekers for over 20 years – is this: you already have a plan. You have the greatest creative genius of all– living and breathing inside of you. This is a powerful spiritual path.What worked for me…and what I work with constantly…is developing an Inspired and Unstoppable Mindset. When you believe in yourself and your path, you will take exceptional actions and create uncanny circumstances.

If you want to create your wildest dreams, it’s a conscious spiritual adventure. Otherwise, you will be acting from fear and creating small, labored, or hollow results. There is another way to succeed. Believe me, with a Harvard Law degree, I have a highly practical mind. That’s why I want you to save time, money, and pain and open to your True Extraordinary Power.

It’s a life-practice. And I’ve created a tribe to do this together. Want to join me in the amazing Inspired & Unstoppable Life Tribe?

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“Bless you, Tama, for all you do. I have learned so much from you and been inspired and held my path because of this Tribe and your encouragement and support.”

Dana Bennett



“Deep bows to you. I am still stunned, discovering this magic inside of me…and you, and all of us. We are crazy amazing.”

Leah Griffith



“My heart and all of my insides, just did a giddy/crazed/wild happy cartwheel with your sharing tonight. I have a new resolve to show up fully and get myself/my words/art out there! (In a much bigger way than ever before.) Thank you for the pure beauty of your love, Tama.”

Julia Fehrenbacher



Just IMAGINE who you’ll be and what your life will be like when you have an entire TRIBE OF SUPPORT behind you, led by TAMA, national best-selling author, USA TODAY-featured, world-class champion of visionaries, artists, entrepreneurs, and achievers of all kinds! Want to know more about TAMA? Still have questions?? Check out Tama’s FABULOUS answers here.


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