Tama Kieves

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Words from Participants in “A Course in Miracles”


“Tama, I swear I just healed something with you in your A Course in Miracles class that has kept me back for more than 15 years. You’re amazing. And so is this class!” – M. Miller

I just wanted to send you a note in this moment – to share with you how grateful I am for the virtual course.  You talked about how we’re either listening to fear or to love.  I‘ve heard this many times, but I heard it in a whole new way this time – I realized I’ve been in fear all this time, and so I couldn’t hear the love.  Just wanted you to know how much the course is helping. The way that you describe the concepts and bring it to everyday life, is perfect.  E. Lewis

Generally I am somewhat pragmatic and don’t often “buy in” to non-traditional ideologies/teachers, however I find your teaching authentic, the people in your classes relatable, and therefore am very happy to have the opportunity to participate in this course.   L. Clark

I can’t wait for the next recording! Tama, I want you to know that I feel so connected to this group. Just the meditation alone had me feel something I hadn’t felt in years. I am getting so much out of each session and really, I just can’t wait, each week to get the next recording from you!” S. Warren

I loved every minute of A Course in Miracles with you! The mix of wisdom and your sense of humor is the perfect combination! And it’s so helpful for me to be able to listen to these classes again and again! E. Raymond

What an awesome group of people! I am so rekindled!  Your loving inspiration comes with such a great dose of reality.  I also love having you on video – S. Chong

Tama Kieves remains one of my very FAVORITE spiritual, inspirational, hysterical, profoundly wise miracle-workers on this planet! I always find her practical guidance is immediately usable, and takes root in my heart probably because it is infused with awe-inspiring clarity, wisdom, and authentic love. What a treat to hear her! I’m a-buzz again!!”  M.Rayne

“Tama, your class in A Course in Miracles is not only my haven, it’s my commitment to myself. Believe me, I really feel the difference when I put the time in. I’m in a better place with EVERYTHING. Life is just so much better!” S. Bettman

This approach is really working for me.  When I start spinning in my thoughts or feeling any sense of discomfort, I listen to even just a few minutes of whichever recording I have open.  Last week I even listened in for 30 minutes in the middle of the work day because I really needed to shift gears.  It worked!!!!  So, thank you, thank you, thank you, for what you give to so many of us.  You are AMAZING!!!”   K. Johnson