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All I Want for Christmas/Hanukkah is ME: A Practice to Calm and Claim Yourself


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As we wrap up this year, I want to offer you a present, one to use especially in the wake of a walloping year (was this one a roller coaster or what?) and during busy holiday times.  Hold yourself dearly.  No one has walked in your shoes but you.  Hold yourself dearly.  This is a practice, a prayer, an amulet and a portal.  I want to walk with you into 2013 as all new people, people in love with ourselves and our lives.  We have wonderful things to do here.  But we will not walk into a loving new year without a conscious love for ourselves.

I’d like to recommend to you a practice I’m calling “Loving Glimpses,” a form of meditation you can use everywhere.  I was taking a yoga class, breathing deeply, when I caught a glimpse of myself, rather than as myself.  This is a moment in your lifetime, I thought. Snap.  Take the screenshot.  I felt waves of compassion for this “other” person.  I felt awe.  I wanted to yell, “You go girl!”  Look at you. You’re scared.  You’re beat-tired.  You’ve got monkeys swinging from every branch in your brain and you’re freaking lost.  You rock.

My thoughts droned on as usual inside myself, because like cockroaches they will survive anything : I should have been further along by now.  I should eat green live raw food and not spit it out.  I need to learn the secrets of business marketing and not spit it out.  But the “Loving Glimpse” had nothing to do with my usual stories about myself.  I felt flooded by innocence, shining like a mirror in the sun.  I watched myself with the presence of unconditional kindness.  It was like witnessing the Pacific Ocean in the moonlight or a trapeze artist’s flight in a Cirque de Soleil number.  It was pure magnificence.

I watched myself like “she” was a character in a movie.  She was so concerned.  She was doing the posture, forward folding and then moving into downward dog.  She was listening to the teacher offer cues, what to bend, and how to breathe.  On the inside, she was so concerned about her life, about everything.  She seemed to be drowning in her own thoughts, cresting, and gulping for freedom, yet unable to get near it.  I could tell she was fighting back tears, the tears of poets in a hurly-burly world and the tears of recent unprocessed stress.

I wanted to hold her.  I wanted to tell her it was going to be okay for the next thousand years.  I wanted to hold up the sky for her, be a pillar of justice.  I wanted to fight back the rain, rejections, workload, and black flies.  Then, too, I wanted to heap on even more computer problems, miscommunications, drama and disappointments just so she could meet her fierce and indomitable spirit and maybe never be afraid again.  I wanted her to know the gospel of her own brilliant nature.  I wanted it all for her.  Really, I wanted it all– for all of them in that room.

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8 comments on “All I Want for Christmas/Hanukkah is ME: A Practice to Calm and Claim Yourself

  • Jane

    So, now I’m at the end of the page crying and the links aren’t working. The link in the original email didn’t work so I waded through two websites and one more link to get here–and now this link doesn’t work.

    Have I passed the test? Can I please read the rest of the article somewhere? I love you. Please?

    • TamaKieves

      Jane, you have to jump through hoops for this kind of love!! Hah, totally teasing. sorry the technie gremlins are keeping you from the article. i’ll ask the office to help you get it, or you can email [email protected]. i do want you to have this piece!! Meanwhile, sending big love your way, thank you for writing…Tama

  • Jane

    Oh brother, was that ever worth asking for!!! I know you’re good, but this is ridiculously good!!! Thank you, thank you. And, happy holiday of your choice, or better yet–all of them.

  • michele merola

    have a wonderful holiday Tama there is  a peace inside  you.

    Its always there …. stop the hurly burly in your mind let go and enjoy the ride of your life.

    Peace be with you,



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  • Ottho Heldring

    One of the key messages in your book is that we'e meant to succeed in the work that we love. But what if I don't know what work I love; if I am not inspired? Being close to retirement, I am searching for a passion or purpose to inspire me, whether work or a hobby or cause; a duty where I am needed. Once I find that I think the rest will tend fall in place. Do you have advice on that? Thanks! [By the way I tried several times to submit this on the "contact us" part of your website but it would not submit.]

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