Tama Kieves

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We live, love, and work differently here. We are choosing inspired lives.

Work with Team TAMA

Team TAMA is a flourishing grassroots family of charismatic and courageous professionals, led by bestselling author, leading career/success coach, and world-renowned speaker, Tama Kieves. Tama is here to empower conscious, smart, loving individuals to be who they are meant to be in this world — and to help create a new mainstream culture that chooses inspiration over fear. Every member of Team TAMA has been called to unite in helping people around the globe to create the lives and work they love. Tama is leading an inspired revolution through love, wit, intelligent spirituality, and encouraging all extraordinary souls to tap their inspired power.

We’re thrilled to launch Tama’s Insiders’ Alliance – a dynamic cooperative of talented individuals who are passionate about all things Tama Kieves and would LOVE to help her take this Inspired Revolution to amazing heights.

If you’re interested in JOINING Team TAMA, then Tama’s Insiders’ Alliance is THE fast track to future employment opportunities within our organization. Insiders’ Alliance members are the FIRST people we turn to when the hiring light turns green!

Team TAMA Roles We’d Like to Fill:

Should any of the following Team TAMA positions resonate and you know you’re THE ONE, we definitely DO want to hear from YOU, even if you are unable to participate in the Insiders’ Alliance at this time! With the deepest sense of trust and gratitude, we honor a timeless Universal flow that continues to bring us brilliant professionals to complement our evolving team.

  • Mojo Ambassador and Customer Service Rockstar: You’re charismatic and you love people. You’re the type of person who can sell ice to Eskimos when you’re in love with the mission; and you are in love with Tama’s mission and her smart, authentic, conscious brand. You can reach out to organizations/events to connect Tama as a speaker, and increase our engagement and “surprise and delight factor” with our current list of clients and students. You shine and easily connect on the phone and in writing.
  • Team TAMA Detailed Excellence “Freak”: Someone who sees a checklist and thinks they’re in heaven; channels the best of the character “Radar” from M.A.S.H.; uncanny ability to see what’s coming down the pike, and has all the I’s dotted & T’s crossed, and even invents new ones. You love making things happen seamlessly and flawlessly.
  • Social Media Evangelist: You breathe connection and you’re on the cutting edge of all the new social media channels and how to BEST leverage them in the personal growth industry. You would LOVE to take Tama’s message viral and turn the whole world into a tribe of passionate, inspired, smart, creative individuals doing what they came here to do.
  • Creative Product Developer: You know how to transform content into products and services. You LOVE creatively packaging, re-purposing, delivering and marketing content, as well as providing customers with new experiences that keep them inspired, engaged and moving forward.


Skill Sets We Find Attractive:

  • Ability to work independently (primarily in a “virtual” setting)
  • Demonstrated communication and time management skills
  • Ability to tap into and influence a deep, wide circle of key contacts & decision-makers
  • Proficiency with CRM database tools
  • Marketing, advertising and sales, particularly online
  • Online research
  • Highly proficient using Cloud-based platforms such as the Google suite, SoundCloud, etc.
  • Blogging platform expertise
  • Rapid, accurate transcription of audio to text
  • Strong computer proficiency in major programs like MS Word, OneNote, Excel, Lync, Adobe Photoshop, In-Design, etc.

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