Tama Kieves

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It’s finally here – the beloved classic — now in audio — read by Tama herself!

Available exclusively at tamakieves.com!

Readers have been waiting for the audio version of THIS TIME I DANCE: CREATING THE WORK YOU LOVE for years!
Praised by bestselling authors Oriah Mountain Dreamer, Sonia Choquette, Ivanla Vanzant, Gregg Levoy, Rick Jarow, Rhonda Britten and more, and LOVED by readers, this bestselling book is like no other self-help book and a must-have on your creative career journey!
What would you be doing if money and approval weren’t an issue? Would you be more creative? Would you change careers? Would you live the life that calls you?

In This Time I Dance! you’ll find the inspiring story of how one Harvard lawyer left her corporate life to discover her buried creative self and develop the livelihood that stirred her soul and paid the bills.

Rather than just remind us why we need to follow our bliss, she goes the full distance to support us while we do it, coaching us every step of the way. With warmth, realness, and humor, she explores the fears and doubts that often assault us in a career and identity transition. And through her personal and practical stories of overcoming insecurities, she’ll guide you to discover and trust the unparalleled power of your own true work in this world.

Recorded by Tama herself, this audio book cradles you in support, as Tama speaks directly to you — as your own personal mentor, champion of your wildest dreams.

“Tama Kieves has written a wonderful guidebook for anyone who has ever felt about their work, “This can’t be all there is.” If you feel there’s more passion inside you than you’re expressing to the world, read on.”

– Marrianne Williamson