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How to Get the SUPER Holiday Package for just $99!

The Details: Order the book, A Year Without Fear*, you get the SUPER Holiday Package (which includes A YEAR WITHOUT FEAR Daily Mindset Program + the Debut Audio Book of Tama’s beloved classic, This Time I Dance! Creating the Work You Love) for just $99.

Just $99 for the whole package…It’s like getting two books for free!

How to Order With this Special $99 Price:

1. Go to this link to order the book, A Year Without Fear, from Amazon.com. This page will open in a new tab so you don’t lose your place here! Snazzy, huh?

2. Complete your order with Amazon and, be sure to copy your order number. You can obtain the order number in several ways: on Amazon’s confirmation page, in a confirmation email, or in your Order History on amazon.com.

3. Come back to this page to order your SUPER Holiday Package for just $99 using the form below. When the form asks for your Amazon Confirmation Number, simply paste the number you received from Amazon.

4. You will immediately receive confirmation of your order from us. Please note that your A YEAR WITHOUT FEAR Daily Mindset Program will begin on January 1st. (If you would like to start sooner, just let us know and we will make it so!) + This Time I Dance! Creating the Work You Love Audio Book will be available to you immediately. Your copy of the book A YEAR WITHOUT FEAR from Amazon will shipped from Amazon.

For more details about the Special, click here to return to the Holiday Package page!

P.S. So…why get the book and the audio program? They are actually two very different products and they work together beautifully! The audio program gives you 365 guided journeys that aren’t included in the book…one for every single day of the year! And the book provides the grounding of a written message to read, reflect on, take notes and doodle…one inspiring morsel per day as you commit to making 2019 be the year that you LISTEN to your true inner voice!

And we know you’ve got Holiday gifts to take care of….so if you already have a copy of the book A Year Without Fear, then you know what a great gift it is!

*Note: Discount can be applied when book purchase was made 11/26/18 -12/25/18; previous purchases do not apply. Offer applies for print books only and excludes digital formats such as audio books or eBooks.