Tama Kieves

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Begin Again

A New Year Pilgrimage to Re-Discover Your Fire (or take it higher!)

A Virtual Workshop with Tama Kieves
(video + audio recording of live Webinar from 1-8-19)

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What if YOU could begin again?

What if YOU could start your life RIGHT NOW…the REAL Life you are meant to be living?

We’re entering a new year. It could be the best year of your life.  Are you ready to stop wasting time feeling frustrated or stuck?

(Oh, yes, you are—because life is too short to stay in pain, especially when your best life is calling your name!)


Join Tama Kieves, best-selling author and USA Today featured visionary career/success catalyst to learn…

  • * How open the floodgates of your Inspired Power…and Start Your BEST Life Right Now, finally feeling like you’re where you want to be.
  • * How to re-discover fun, clarity, and FIRE or Take it Higher—no matter what your circumstances are! Tama’s time-tested coaching techniques are a must for every artist, entrepreneur, visionary and career-transition-er or anyone who has gifts to give our world!  (and anyone who is healing or in transition…)
  • * The One Essential Practice you need to know to awaken from complacency, frustration and disappointment….that can help you every single day this year!

This webinar will be crafted around your questions…and it’s experiential…joining with others from around the world….let’s create world of Beginning Again!


Begin Again is a virtual workshop (audio and video recordings). It is just $29 and can help you save YEARS and don’t-even-talk-about-it amounts of money.  When you are in your power, you are powerful beyond limitations.  

Learn how to be in your own power NOW, fall in love with your life, and reignite your mojo for your extraordinary 2019.

 Let’s create a world of Beginning Again!  Please share this extraordinary opportunity with your loved ones!