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Being Grateful for Yourself, Your Unusual Life, and Your Courage—A Thanksgiving Power Practice


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Some of you may be celebrating this Thanksgiving with hugs, easy conversation, turkey and pumpkin pie. Yet some of you may feel stranded, like the marble that rolled away from the group, stuck with the dust bunnies in outer space or abandoned under the buffet. And some of you may feel stranded in broad daylight, surrounded by people, feeling invisible, or worse yet, as visible and broken as a car wreck on the side of the road, strangers gathering to gawk at the shattered glass.

For many, the holidays can bring up discomfort.

They can be some weird checkpoint in life–where you find yourself comparing your entire life to the fantasies you have in your head of how your cousin, neighbor, or sister-in-law is pulling it off. Let me tell you something, no one is pulling this off. No one is spared challenge or confusion in this life. Everyone, consciously or not, is seeking to find peace, comfort and communion with their own soul.

Anyway, I don't know about you, but in holidays past, I've had the feeling of standing in some bad, funky, psychodrama, and feeling as though my head is a big pink balloon floating away from my neck and onto the ceiling.  And that's before I touched the alcohol.

There are those easy breezy questions people ask, stuffing celery sticks and chips into their mouth. "So what are you doing these days?" they ask.

And you stand there paralyzed, thinking to yourself, "Well, if I knew what I was doing, do you really think I'd have 200 self-help books, a peak performance coach, a therapist, a Vedic astrologer, and a medium?" Sometimes, I find myself itching to answer these questions with, "Could you be more specific?  When you say, what are you doing these days, do you mean on the astral planes or do you mean in physical time?" Of course if you luck out, some celebrity may have died recently and you can pick apart their lives and spare your own.

So whatever your holiday experience might be, this Thanksgiving Day, I'm inviting you to my table. It's a table of soul, and it's big. It includes all of us, even those of you around the world, who don't celebrate this tradition. And wherever you are, you can practice being at our table.

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Action Steps Anyone?  Grab a journal and write down what you are grateful for and do tell me and our tribe one thing (or ten thousand!) you are grateful for about yourself or your journey this year. You can post it in the comment section of this blog post.


8 comments on “Being Grateful for Yourself, Your Unusual Life, and Your Courage—A Thanksgiving Power Practice

  • Jennie

    I am grateful for you Tama!  Your writing is so inpiring.  It helps me look inside myself, love myself and my gifts and helps me feel "normal" and on the right track when I do fall into the trap of comparing myself to others.  I have beautiful and healthy kids, a loving and supportive husband and family that I really enjoy hanging out with 🙂  I have fun and inspiring friends and a job that I love.  I sometimes take all of it for granted and should  remind myself to be grateful for all parts of my life (good and bad) every single day!

  • Leah Griffith

    Tama, thank you for this post. You have such a way of seeing through the sh#t and saying it plain and simple…from your spirit to mine.

    Since I was able to think I've been experiencing "not good enough" spells on a regular basis. They differ in severity depending on what's happening in my life. Right now my house is in foreclosure, my book isn't selling, my spiritual life is shifting, and my health is at an all time low. LOL! I know that all things serve me …but lately I have been feeling a little fragile. I hate fragile. You my dear have such a gift for identifying the lies that call us away into despair. By being transparent and authentic you give the rest of us courage to do the same. You openly share what works for you…your way to clarity and peace. Thank you for that my dear. You are a gift to me and many many more.

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  • Dana Bennett

    I am grateful for those times I have to brush up against the medical environment, coming away bruised and hurting, and find the strength eventually to reach out for help and discover it is always there just waiting for me to ask. I am grateful for that spark in me that re-discovers that over and over again, and allows me to be vulnerable and to receive love. I am grateful to friends and helpers who always say Yes! and I am welcomed. I am especially grateful to have  you in my life, Tama, all these years, and for all the boosts and love and acceptance you have given me. Love and hugs always, Dana

  • Sean

    Awesome, timely message Tama.  It's the time of year a lot of us review our life circumstances and we assume everyone else has it all figured out and is living the life of bliss while we still struggle.  I'm going to make it a pronounced point to sit down at the table of soul and feast on the myriad blessings I have in my life.  Thank you for reminding us.

  • Nancy

    I am SO VERY GRATEFUL to mySELF this year for deciding to bring my mother into our home and loving up on  her as we care for her in the last stages of "The Long Goodbye! ❤️

  • Deborah

    Hi. I’m moving over thanksgiving for the second time in two months! The 1st move was to get out if the 2 1/2 year relationship i was in with a sex addict/ compulsive alcoholic. Now I am moving again because I found a house that will let me have my dog. He keeps my dog so i drive 2 hours roundtrip to see her now for a few hours each week. I’m moving and giving thanks that i woke up from the madness to remember myself and my worth.

  • Cheryl

    Ahhh, YES! Life HAS been rather unusual of late, and I soooo appreciate the reminder to acknowledge my own COURAGE. I'm grateful for the willingness to OWN the fact that I AM brave, priceless, beautiful and loving. I'm grateful for FINALLY feeling comfortable in my skin and to BLESS every step that got me to this point: the tears, the late night binging, the pity parties for myself, the anger at myself for restisting situations that I just made more painful because I resisted them, the "woulda/shoulda/couldas", the laughter through those tears – the WHOLE ball of runny, drippy, sweet, often sticky, wax that is my life. This very moment, I'm BLESSING and grateful for a home that feels wayyy less organized than a place I call my sanctuary "ought" to feel. And that's ok too.  As a friend of mine reminded me to say whenever I look around me (especially at my desk!): "It's like this now. Thank you."

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