Tama Kieves

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If you’d like to hire Tama to speak at your event (You will LOVE yourself if you do!), brainstorm a possibility, or have a conversation about “piggybacking” an event onto other presentations she’s doing, she/we would love to hear from you. We are great to work with, we make things work for everyone, and we’re happy to CUSTOMIZE a theme/topic just for YOUR event!

Email us at Speaking@TamaKieves.com or call Tama’s Event Manager, Paul Kuhn, at 303-358-1959

What Makes Tama DYNAMIC!

As a visionary career coach and electric speaking catalyst for more than two decades, Tama has inspired thousands from all walks of life to live from their greatest potential. She is known for her wicked sense of humor, electrifying presence, “realness” and the big possibilities she brings into every room. Tama engages and changes her audiences through the strength of her love, her non-formulaic approach, her brilliant way of making information practical and immediately personal, and her sassy spontaneity. She meets every audience exactly where they are, and offers an experience of something being co-created and alive. Audiences leave changed, not just entertained– and it’s a deep change that lasts.

She is on the faculty of premier holistic centers across the country, such as the Omega Institute, The Kripalu Institute, Esalen, Canyon Ranch and has also spoken at Harvard Law School, TEDx, and keynoted at business and leadership conferences, wellness trainings, and career, coaching, and creativity conferences.  Tama is a voice for the new mainstream: merging her keen intelligence with emotional depth and inspired wisdom, embodying head and heart. 

She has joyfully shared the stage with inspired leaders – Marianne Williamson, Jean Houston, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Dan Millman, Michael Beckwith, Don Miguel Ruiz – and other motivational souls committed to changing the conversation and our world.

Praise for Tama’s Talks!

“Tama is brilliant. She’s part savvy career guru and part spiritual comedian. It’s like Kahlil Gibran meets Woody Allen meets Donald Trump.”

Scott Kalechstein, Singer/Songwriter/Minister

“Tama Kieves is the REAL deal!”

Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, Founder, Agape International

“Tama…you were a hit!!!! Our collective wisdom was right on when we all had the brilliant idea to add you to the Journey program.  Thank you for not only what you did, but the manner in which you did it.”

Jim Eastburn, Director, Life Enhancement Center of Canyon Ranch

“You were terrific — bright, enlivening, and thought-provoking-as reflected in the spontaneous applause during your presentation.”

Amy Gutman, Director of Alumni Communications, Harvard Law School

"You rocked the house! Thank you for keynoting and helping us to create an amazing day. They LOVED you! It was fabulous to work with you and I look forward to creating magic with you again soon!"

Ann Tardy, Director, Women’s Economic Power Day

“You should sell diapers at the door if you are going to bring that much hilarity to your talks. Have a little compassion for your audience, will ya already? Seriously, you are a scream. I love your talent!” 

Kathi McNight, Author & Business Owner

“Tama, as expected, you were a fabulous and inspiring keynote speaker. You really connected with the audience, created a buzz, and, weeks after, I’m still hearing about you.”

Kathy Engelstad, President, International Career Development Association

“If you are looking for an uplifting, dynamic, and motivating speaker, make sure you book Tama Kieves right now. She engaged our group of dynamic professional women right away, and in just a short time had us all really believing in our potential. I received boatloads of positive feedback after her presentation.”

Pauline Huddleson, Executive Director, Alliance of Professional Women

 “Tama has a real gift of connecting with her audience. She’s funny and genuine and our congregation gave her a standing ovation at both morning services and at her workshop as well. Tama is a fresh voice that takes the “follow your passion” message to a whole new level. She has a powerful story and tells it with a spiritual authenticity that penetrates to the “real” of what happens when a person walks through their fears to live their truth. If you need an authentic “voice” that can speak straight to the heart of those spiritually seeking their most purposeful work – you’ll want to be sure and invite Tama.  She’s a super cool, fun, powerful presence.”

Reverend Cherie Larkin, First Church Unity of Nashville

Popular Speaking Topics/Themes

Allow us to suggest a few of Tama’s most popular themes, any of which can be formatted to suit your conference, keynote, half-day event, retreat, workshop, and/or sparkling, customized, co-created possibility. Don’t hesitate to ask! We look forward to helping you customize an event with Tama for maximum impact.

  • When you’re Inspired, You’re Unstoppable
  • Unleash Your Calling: Create the Work & Life You Love
  • From Passion to Profit—Create the Work & Life You Love
  • Inspired & Unstoppable: Wildly Succeeding in Your Life’s Work!
  • Inspired Success: The New Way to Wildly Succeed in your Business, Passion, and Life
  • Mojo Mastery: Working the Inspired Way
  • Dare to Live an Inspired Life: Reclaim Your Wings, Your Genius & Your Joy
  • Finding Your Creative Edge
  • Fun Ink! Unleash the Fire of Your Inner Writer
  • A Course in Miracles-Living In Love instead of Fear

Really, you’re still reading? You haven’t called yet? Okay, so you’re thorough and don’t want to miss one word. This is it: Take the leap today!

Email: Speaking@TamaKieves.com or call Tama’s Event Manager, Paul Kuhn, at 303-358-1959.

“There aren’t many voices in the world that will encourage you to follow your inner rock star or anointed one and get out there on the window ledge of ordinary life, mock gravity, and fly. Yet some of us are just called to fly. We won’t succeed through traditional means because force, fear, and standard projections do not motivate us. We are moved by bold ideas, big love, and intuitive flawless direction. We hear new frequencies, promise, and urgencies wailing in the wind. We did not come here to do what’s been done before. We came here to expand—inspire, heal, express, create, and realize the exhilaration of being everything we are meant to be.”

Tama Kieves from Inspired & Unstoppable: Wildly Succeeding In Your Life's Work!