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An Immersive Writing Master Class with
Bestselling Author Tama Kieves

Video & Audio Recording – $49!

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These are unusual times.

But they are times we can use. It’s a window of possibility…

You feel the twitch, the excitement, the tug…


There is a book inside you that is more than just your words on pages
.it is your destiny.

Maybe you already know what this book is.  Or maybe you have no idea. (Or perhaps you’re already writing it, and you’re dragging your feet)
CALLED is a 2.5-hour immersive Master Class to help you write the most remarkable book possible…following your own inspired path.


In this virtual Master Class, you can count on:


  • Getting writing done right now! (Great writing, by the way…)
  • An experiential process that will help you connect to the book that is Calling you.
  • Guided writing prompts and invitations — and techniques you can use over and over again — to elicit your BEST writing.
  • A transformational approach that will help you write (and publish!) your book in YOUR way.
  • Teaching, training, and discussion around blocks, challenges, and the misconceptions that dim your creative power, promise, and effectiveness.
  • Expert industry advice and Q&A… Yes! You will have the opportunity to submit your personal questions to me before class, and I will answer as many of them as possible during class!
  • An immersion in making writing fun, productive, and sustainable so that you can know the greatest peace of mind… of having done what you are meant to do… AND having stepped into remarkable powers you didn’t even know you had…

What people say about Tama’s writing classes…

“Thanks to this class, my WRITER self became real to me as a living, breathing, daily BEING… not just a ‘sometimes.’  I am grateful.” -C. Jones

“Everything is falling together effortlessly. It’s as if I’ve been ready all along, but something was missing. You supplied it! Overnight, I love my life! I see clearly, effortlessly, what I could be doing with my particular talents.” -B. Wrenn

“Thank you so very muchfor this class, Tama. I confess I thought I was just doing this for a little entertainment, but I feel something powerful moving through me. I have become fascinated with this incredible power to call things into being by describing them. This indeed is a HOLY thing. -Lynn A.

“I now call myself a writer, thanks to your Permission Fairy powers! Your course has already given me so many new things to write about. Thank you for such ginormous results – and so quickly!.’  Can’t wait to see what else emerges!” -K. Munson

“During the process you led, I could see and feel how little doors opened in between all words, and flashes of story came to life. Something solid became more fluid, and the possibility to grasp something from the sources available became more accessible. That felt beautiful.” -H. Brun

“I have the deepest heartfelt gratitude for you and your teachings. It’s like having a sister, mother, aunt, wise soul guide me home! Seriously, Tama, you are a beacon! Your support, passion, and confidence are allowing me to feel that way about myself as a writer. -Rhoda M.

If you need to say something — now is the time to say it.

Please don’t die with your brilliant book in you. Do not allow this opportunity to be the messenger you were born to be…to pass by you. Do not deny the world your singular contribution. And please do not deny yourself the radical healing that occurs when you finally write what you—and only you—are meant to write. Only $49!