Tama Kieves

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What I LOVE about my clients!

My clients have climbed Mount Everest, won Grammy’s, starred on Broadway, made history and millions of dollars, started companies that became household names,  and written bestselling books translated into multiple languages. My clients have also traipsed the world as free spirits and meaning-seekers. They have started yoga studios, planted vegetable gardens, and found their own true voice on this planet and created meaningful, brave, and abundant lives around it.

My clients are people who read this and feel excited, and those who feel intimidated or stuck. Many of my precious ones have started off feeling confused or broken or broken hearted. It really doesn’t matter.

Career Transition Coach

“You don’t have to be great going in – I know you already are. I just want to help release the aliveness in you. I want to see you fly. I want you to play with your genius. I want you to rock the world with your gifts, because we need them, and you will die if you don’t express them fully in this life. I want you to be so PROUD to be who you are.”

Tama Kieves

Denver Life Coach

Your particular situation or question doesn’t matter as much to me as the way you are willing to approach it. Are you willing to listen to follow your own rebel brilliance? Are you willing to discover your own inspired success strategy? Are you looking for a step-by-step program or are you willing to follow the rock-solid program that is already within you waiting to be released? Your “situation” is only what brings you to the doorstep of your truth.


My Coaching Philosophy

I know you have a rock-solid way to success. We are not trying to “figure this out” but let it out. I don’t work from a cookie cutter plan or a formula or a “program.” I work with YOU. I chase heat. I am fiercely on your side.

I am an advocate of everything you are and everything you’re meant to be. I know you have a promise and a jaguar within you. And I am giddy with discovering it.

I am not swayed by your limits because I believe more in your unlimited love. So I may listen to you more deeply than you’ve experienced before and offer a different genre of support. Believe me, we can get to the real things– real fast. And, we may just have the time of our lives doing it. I am here to untangle anything that’s in the way of your explosive fruition.

This isn’t therapy. This is alchemy.
And you’re already golden!

I’ve been called a mojo catalyst, but I make this distinction. I will help you tap your divine mojo, not your 24/7 manic mojo. I want you to be passionate, not fearfully driven. On fire, but not burned.

I want you to know real power, that which is sweet, knows no barriers and surprises you with immediate results. I want you to feel as though you are walking in a world where everything and everyone is your ally. I want you to feel powerful wherever you are, with whomever you are with, and in whatever you do, empowered by your own love and commitment to an Inspired Power. You are designed to experience awe in your lifetime!


Individual Coaching

For me, every client is different. We discover together how our work will evolve. And sometimes that doesn’t have a label or fit a category. We are always following the direction of the Inspired Brilliant Presence within. That said, over the last 2 decades, I’ve tended to do most of my work in these areas:

Please Note: I am not always available to accept new clients. And at times I am. You can always check with the office and/or be put on a wait list for availability. I sometimes run specific group coaching programs. And you might also consider the self-guided coaching program I’ve designed—as an affordable option.

  • Inspired Success Coaching: For entrepreneurs, moguls in the making, artists and rock stars, maestros of vision. Finding the irreplaceable grace in you. The work you’re meant to do—the way you’re meant to do it. Your business is lukewarm, yet you’re jalapeno hot. Let’s get you where you BELONG. Also for power players and leaders of the free world who want to be free so you SOAR from within…Take your real power. Get all the breaks. Fly sweeter and higher.
  • Transformational Life/Work Coaching: Find your sweet spot. Life is too short not to live your dreams. You have a calling.  I can help you walk into the invisible unknown and discover the abundance that has always awaited you. Don’t settle for rationalization when a life of inspiration calls.
  • Book Coaching: I love writers, visions and missions! I’ve written books, self-published, worked with agents, and published with Tarcher/Penguin, one of the largest New York publishers. I’ve been through every rejection and doubt of the writing process, and the marketing and platform building process. I want to help you clarify your mission, your undeniable voice, and your unique success path there. The writing itself knows what wants to be written.