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A Virtual Webinar + Video Recording with Bestselling Author Tama Kieves

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“How Come It Takes So Long to Succeed?”

As successful, driven people, ambitious, visionary individuals — we always want to get ahead. We’re always looking toward the next horizon, the next goal, the next level, the next, better version of ourselves…

As a result, we constantly feel behind, and we’re convinced we’ll never be happy unless we get … over there. (And sometimes, we feel so far behind or lost…or like it’s too late)

And if we’re this hard on ourselves when things are going well…just imagine the tricks our minds are playing on us when we’re going through times of challenges! Oh, the lies we believe…and negative patterns we create! It’s a wicked cycle.

So, how do you turn disappointment around?

How do you ignite grace when you feel beaten or tired?

How do you dare to believe in the wild abundant truth within you?

As a career/ success mindset coach—I’ve witnessed miracles and I want to share the strategies with you. You might be going through a career transition or wanting to meet the partner of your dreams or the bank balance of your dreams.

Here’s what I know: We are all powerhouse mavericks. We can step out of societal norms and choose a miraculous new path: a liberating mindset of freedom and joy. We can, finally, come back from lack…for good.

While you are focused on lack, you cannot realize abundance

Lack is a LIE that is ingrained in our culture. But there is a new paradigm of thinking that you can claim right now!

We’re going to stir NEW energy and I’ll teach you the three essential tools to develop the mindset that changes everything – and can attract more abundance than you have ever known. It’s so important to know how to turn things around because life will always throw us curve balls!

COME BACK FROM LACK is just $29 (wow!) and these practices can help you save YEARS and don’t-even-talk-about-it amounts of money. You can watch/listen as many times as you like!

Please share this extraordinary event with your loved ones…I know you know someone who could use this shift. Help us get the word out to your community and let’s shift anxiety to excitement and create a world that lives from inspiration instead of struggle!

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