Tama Kieves

Inspired & Unstoppable quote

Do you ever feel like you’re too busy to focus on what you really want to do with your life?

Do you have a hard time staying confident and motivated — when it comes to discovering or taking actions toward your most important dreams?

Are you in a career transition or wanting to make a career change?

Are you ready to:

  • Explore and work with core attitudes that will make all the difference on your journey/themes to help you tap your own guiding wisdom, release fears, and give yourself permission to discover the life-changing power of your love?
  • Discover and deepen your understanding of what you truly love; learn how to find out exactly what you want to do and where you have resources you don’t even know about?
  • Learn how to begin living your passion, including how to start taking inspired actions, working with yourself, and staying inspired, focused, and moving forward for the long term?


Buy Create the Work You Love Now – $95

Devote just one hour a week over the next 12 weeks to this self-guided online coaching program and finally begin to gain clarity, direction, and empowered strength to release your genius and create the work you love. It’s self-paced so there is no need to be anywhere at any time.

Create the Work You Love includes:

  • A power-packed motivational lesson designed to shift your fundamental thinking, open you to your true possibilities and increase your courage.
  • A Passion Practice Guide with a weekly assignment to help you personally activate and actualize the lesson, so that you are coaching yourself into forward motion.
  • A 5 minute audio meditation, specially created to reinforce the week’s lesson using the power of your subconscious inspired mind as well as your conscious mind.
  • LIFETIME access to the course material! (many students repeat this course because it takes them deeper each time)

And most of all, I want you to enjoy working with this material and opening to your true life. Your dreams are worth it!