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You’re making decisions every single day—but are they the right ones?

And are you ready to stop wasting time feeling frustrated or stuck?

(Oh, yes, you are—because life is too short to stay in pain, especially when your best life is calling your name!)

Whether you’re in a career transition, divorce, growing your small business or empire, dealing with an illness, or just seeking your next step and brilliant direction in life, Dare to Decide will help you discover how to listen to your exceptional instincts, deeper than ever before.
You might have a specific choice on the horizon. It might be keeping you up at night (or keeping you in bed in the morning) because you feel stuck and so afraid of being wrong.

Or perhaps you are moving through life feeling less-than-certain about anything and everything, second-guessing yourself and distrusting others.

Or maybe you’re engaged in a project, but your wheels are spinning because there are just too many options, too many things to choose from, and “overwhelm” feels like your middle name…

No matter your situation, YOU have an inspired way to make choices.
I want to teach you how.

Dare to Decide: Making the Best Decisions of Your Life
A Virtual Workshop

This 90 minute Virtual Workshop is just $29 and can help you save YEARS and don’t-even-talk-about-it amounts of money. Learn how to be in your own power and harness it to make the best decisions of your life…over and over again!