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A Note from Tama, best-selling author of Thriving through Uncertainty and USA Today featured career/success coach:

I know that uncertainty is your superpower. I want you to know it, too. I want to help you get out of fear…and into your right mindset and life. I want to help you go from unsettling anxiety or frustration into peace of mind, clarity and excitement. You’re just one shift away from thriving. That’s why I’m hosting this free worldwide event on May 16.

What if you could you could ask me anything about your situation, transition, or uncertainty? Now is your chance!

Whether you’re in the middle of a divorce, a health challenge, a job change or creating your dream empire or relationship….I want to help you tap your greatest capacities. If you know me, I am grounded, practical, and have turned my own life around from uncertainty and pain into the greatest, sweetest adventure I could imagine. I’ve worked with thousands of individuals and I know how we can hold ourselves back…and how we can step into absolute magic. 

In this FREE Webinar on May 16, I’ll be using my best coaching techniques to teach you how to turn any uncertainty into unstoppable strength.

Together we will create a container of Inspired Time, and, trust me — every single question and answer brought forward WILL help you shift your mindset.

This event is the ultimate learning laboratory.  You can connect to the webinar live from anywhere, or simply watch to the video replay in your own time. 

Uncertainty Is Your Superpower…Don’t Miss Your Chance!

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