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From Doubt to Destiny:
Living the Life You Came For

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This is your moment.
It’s a time like NEVER before.
What do YOU really want now?

(And are you letting what you THINK is “practical” compel your answer?)

Conventional answers won’t get you to the BRILLIANT life you desire. But you DO have an inspired trajectory.

But HOW do you awaken and trust your own way to succeed—in a changing world?

Join Tama Kieves, former Harvard Law School trained attorney turned best-selling author and USA Today featured visionary career/success catalyst for a FREE Worldwide Event to learn…

    • How to stop listening to doubt and start listening to the undeniable strength within you that can help you get past any block or obstacle.

    • How to be an achiever AND an intuitive warrior who can truly succeed in this world, yet still not be constrained by “the thinking of the world.”

    • How to tap the highest capacities inside you to discover your authentic destiny…and travel a path that is safer than anything you will ever do (though it might not look familiar to your limited mind)

    • How to finally find confidence, clarity and conviction that unlocks windfalls and a flow of opportunities and possibilities into your life.

    • How to find peace and freedom throughout the fluctuations of life, relationships, or business–and a sense of true fulfillment and purpose no matter what.

And enjoy an inspired, intelligent and fun community…

But this one-time event is priceless!

And, it will be recorded, so don’t worry if you can’t attend live.

You might be listening to doubt— and calling it “realism.”
You might be listening to fears and calling it safety, or worse yet, “good judgment.”

But I want you to listen to something else….

And that’s why I’m offering this FREE event – for anyone, anywhere! FROM DOUBT TO DESTINY is going to awaken your innate brilliance and stir your highest capacities, using some of my best coaching techniques that have helped thousands!

Let’s create a world of living from our maverick brilliance—and strengthen everyone around us as we strengthen. It’s FREE! So please share this extraordinary opportunity with your loved ones!

We’d love it if you could help us get the word out to your community….invite your yoga friends, business colleagues, neighbors, dog-walker, book club…let’s shift anxiety to excitement and create a world that lives from inspiration instead of fear! We can do this…