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Hello Brave One!

I’m so glad you’re here — taking the time to come download this inspirational tool for yourself. It’s these kind of choices that make all the difference.

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This audio is from my Daily Mindset Shift program, A Year Without Fear: A Year of Five-Minute Daily Audio Meditations. The full program is designed to shift the self-talk and old beliefs that corrode your potential. Each selection helps you set an intention for the day. This creates your day. And your days create your life.  What would your life be like if you committed to listening to the voice of your strength and astonishing potential—every single day? 

If you’re interested in this kind of daily support, I’ve got a special introductory offer for you below—and I invite you to read about how you can listen to your own inspired instincts instead of fear each and every day—in a way that makes sense for your life.

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A Year Without Fear:
Your Daily Mindset Shift

Are you ready to make living your dreams a priority? Or uncover what you REALLY want?

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Do you get so busy and then months pass before you know it? Or do you waste time being in a funk, not feeling and acting from your own astonishing potential? Maybe you’ve read every single self-help book on the planet.

But you’d like more. You’d like practice. You’d like experience. And you’d like this experience every single day. Every. Single. Day. If you’re ready to let this be the year you go beyond fear (Your year can begin at ANY time by the way!), then Tama’s new Daily Mindset Shift audio meditation program is perfect for YOU!

This program is designed to help you discover and live your dreams. Love those around you more deeply. Forgive yourself. Stop doubting your own brilliant instincts, even when you’re surrounded by the noise of the world. Experience peace of mind, even in challenging circumstances. Tap your unstoppable strength. And more.  Each 5 minute meditation presents a targeted inquiry to help you uncover the direction and truth that already exists within you—about anything in your life.

“I have never been able to meditate. But Tama always takes me into another dimension. Her voice is so compelling. Her power and love come right through and pierce my heart every single time.” — Susan W.
“Tama has this gift of immediately helping me center myself and hear my own inner voice. This woman is a genius when it comes to helping you feel safe, connected, and totally free.” — Dave B.
“Tama’s programs are always a cut above. In a sea of self-help averageness, Tama is the real deal. With intelligence, depth, and humor, her wisdom offers a really fresh direction that rocks my world every time.” — Michael G.


A Year Without Fear

Some fearless details about this one-of-a-kind program:

Tama both reads the passages to you and then guides the meditation/journey. For years, students have raved over the power of Tama’s meditations, set to music, that guide you instantly to a deep love and presence within you. Now she has created 365 of them. Each one presents a targeted inquiry to help you uncover the direction and truth that already exists within you—about anything in your life.

  • Unlike a book or CD which requires YOU to pick out the passage and commit to it. Each day, your focus and journey is delivered to you. You can’t jump ahead, just like in life. You are far more likely to stay committed to yourself in this deliberately measured way. And you are given a new opportunity every single day, as in life.
  • With her gift for language and imagery, each day you listen to an inspired way to see things presented as your focus for the day. This includes a specific coaching intention for your day. Then you are guided on a 5 minute meditation, which you can extend if you like. Each day teaches and guides you to listen to your own brilliant inner voice and take inspired steps toward your true desires. Just one of these mindset shifts could change the course of your year. Just one of these journeys can accomplish more than a session with a coach or therapist. And you get 365 of them!

Just imagine who you’d be if you practiced listening to your own astonishing potential, every single day…

The inspired power within you can accomplish anything at any time.

Let this be your time.