Tama Kieves

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Magic Journey to the Self:

A Guided Freewriting Adventure

Your FREE gift is a video download of Tama’s popular program: MAGIC JOURNEY TO THE SELF: A Guided Freewriting Adventure. This is the ultimate healing adventure for writers, uninviting you to unlock a transformation or tap the most remarkable creative writing of your lifetime.

As a writing/book coach and best-selling author of five books with Tarcher/Penguin-Randomhouse, Tama knows how to unlock passion in your writing and sustain the practice. This program was designed to bring YOU back in touch with the magic (And perhaps a touch of the creative shaman’s peyote coming through your pen (or laptop.)  Get ready to unlock a healing or shift and words that can change the lives of others. Are you ready to open up to your wild, infinitely creative- most precious- part of yourself? Let’s go!

It’s a ride. It’s a glide. It’s a revelation. And it’s an experience….