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How Do you Change Careers or Your Life without Big Effort? Follow the Breadcrumbs

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I got this delightful email from a reader, Alena Gerst Dailey in New York City, and decided to share her fun success story with you:
A “Follow the Breadcrumbs” Success Story
“I enjoy reading your newsletter and wanted to reach out.  You wrote one thing in a newsletter a while back and I wrote it on a post it at my desk “Follow the breadcrumbs”.  I was a yoga teacher/social worker and not doing the mind/body work I set out to do, rather working in an employment program with the chronically homeless.  Follow the breadcrumbs became my mantra.  I’d send an email, follow up with someone else, ask for an informational interview, accept a volunteer opportunity, take a workshop, introduce myself…little things, crumbs really, but I followed them.  Now I’m in my first week in my new full time position at an integrative wellness initiative at NYU Medical Center.  And I love it.  Thank you for sharing your thoughts and wisdoms.”  
“Follow the Breadcrumbs” How You can Discover your Ideal Career, Calling, & Life in this unconventional way.
Career, life, love….we’re looking for the master plan, kind of like an instruction booklet for how to build a bird house. But living your calling isn’t a path in which you build anything. You don’t have to create it. You don’t have to make it happen. You have to follow. You have to obey the inner signals, the nudges, the Morse code of the soul. Remember, there is a Life that calls you.
Pay attention with your heart, not your mind.
The mind wants to know where things will go. The mind doesn’t believe gargantuan things happen from sweet, tiny steps. But this is a path of intuition. It has different rules. There are no sizes. Or as A Course in Miracles says, “There is no order of difficulty in miracles.”  You’re either listening to a power that has no limits or you’re listening to a limited mind that has no power.
One nuance leads to another. You wouldn’t understand the plan. The plan would seem unthinkable. I think we swallow small bits of light, so as to not overwhelm ourselves. A child grows inches in a year, not all at once, because there is mercy in the Universe.  The Love that calls you is nothing like the world you know. So don’t look for things that “make sense” in the world you know. Follow heat. Follow sparks. Follow curiosities.
In my book This Time I Dance! Creating the Work You Love, I have a chapter called “How to Skip Through Fog” which talks about following bread crumbs in times of confusion.  “Clients come to me hoping for  maps, Triple A  Triptiks and other itineraries, and I tell them they must enter their mythical forest and stalk their infallible breadcrumbs. A crumb of rye or wheat sings to the instinct one footstep at a time. The present moment does not lack clarity. Quick, move before the crow steals your impression.”
There are those who need your gifts. Don’t worry about how to find them. Find yourself.
And follow your breadcrumbs.
Any breadcrumb stories you’d like to share?
And here’s a “breadcrumb” for anyone near the East Coast– or anyone at all who knows THIS IS THE TIME to discover and live their calling in life. Join me for the best retreat I do all year: “Unleash Your Calling: An Intensive to Create the Work and Life you Love” at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health Oct 10 through Oct 14

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One comment on “How Do you Change Careers or Your Life without Big Effort? Follow the Breadcrumbs

  • Kim

    I’ll share my breadcrumb story! I moved to Atlanta, GA, to find a job writing for a magazine. In my time down there, I lost myself, or should I say found myself, practicing yoga in a beautiful studio and running on a gorgeous 5-mile trail everyday. I realized I didn’t want to do just any kind of writing, but write a book! The story that bubbles up in my soul – my mom’s story, my story. I moved home and my ex-boyfriend’s mom gave me your book. I read it, and it was the final push I needed to quit my meaningless fulltime writing and editing job. As the relationship I had actually moved home for fell apart, I fell apart, and on my knees asked God to lead me wherever he wanted. Within minutes an email for your retreat at Hollyhock came up, and within three weeks I was there. That experience was the best of my life, and when I came home, it happened just like you said. BREADCRUMBS baby! I was on facebook and saw a blog about writing by my girlfriend. In it, she mentioned Toastmasters, a public speaking organization I had never heard of. I followed my gut to read her blog that day, although I never had before, and to get in touch with her and go to a meeting. I knew it was a good step, so I joined. My first speech, about my mom, went over so well. The reaction was all I needed. I knew I was in the right place. Then I was thinking about starting a support group for people my age who have lost parents. I prayed for a sign, and the next day found out a young girl at my work had lost her dad. I double-checked with God, hehe, and another girl lost her dad the next week. I have since found out about people I work with left and right who have lost parents, and now am just settling on the place to hold a group I THOUGHT about starting for 7 years 🙂 I also was thinking about how to start talking about my mom’s attitude toward cancer, and how to touch cancer-patients specifically, and just last night I met a survivor at work. She works for a breast cancer network here in Western New York, giving speeches to uplift the attitude of women fighting cancer. I told her what I do, and she wants me to speak. I am about to shoot her an e-mail right now. :)) It really is all about patience, learning to trust in God and yourself, slowing down enough to let it unfold how it’s supposed to, and stop trying to control it. I believe more and more every day in this divine, inspired, unplanned life, the road that is leading me to all I ever dreamed of and so much more. THANK YOU for being my teacher Tama. I can’t wait to see what the next breadcrumb will be, and where it will lead me. 🙂 Xo

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