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The Inspired and Unstoppable Life Tribe:
A Group Coaching Program with Tama Kieves

Want to live the life you came here to live?

  • Succeed in your dearest dreams? Write that book?

  • Build that business?

  • Stay on FIRE, no matter what issues or doubts come up?

  • Fall in love with your journey, just as it is?

Tama’s Inspired and Unstoppable Life Tribe is a Group Coaching Program providing inspired insight, strategies, and support to help you discover your passion and realize your goals.

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It doesn’t matter what your dream is. You have an inspired way to succeed. This TRIBE is going to help you get there.

As a best-selling author and USA Today featured career/success coach for more than 25 years, I want to help you CONTINUOUSLY think in extraordinary ways and take extraordinary steps. This is a loving, passionate tribe of career-transition-ers, entrepreneurs, artists, meaning-seekers, and visionaries who are committed to transforming their lives in astounding ways and supporting each other all the way.

Finally, a NEW kind of support group that supports you wherever you are.


  • Gentle & Effortless: The structure is flexible and adaptive, without a big- time commitment
  • Affordable Yet Priceless: Tama’s regular coaching rate (if you can get a private session) is $325 for 40 minutes. Life Tribe is as low as $33.00 a month! (just $45/month, or $99/3 months.)
  • Consistent & Supportive: Live sessions (and recorded) 2x a month offer the ideal pace for consistent momentum!
  • Inspiring & Encouraging: You’ll get re-ignited every time. Shift your thinking. Meet extraordinary people committed to their goals who will help you do the same!

Life Tribe is a Mini-Retreat With Tama Every Two Weeks!
Each Twice-Monthly Coaching Call Includes:


Opening Meditation – Tama guides the group to enter Inspired Time
Making a Win List – this practice alone creates effective consistency
Focused Training – Tama gives a talk on a specific new focus, with her signature style: intimate, courageous, wild, wickedly fun, and amazingly practical. Some examples are “Your Money Story,” “Timing Turns on a Dime,” “Looking for Gold Instead of Garbage.”
Inspired Exercise – Tama offers an exercise that puts the topic into focus and immediate application
Breakout Session – Connect with others in the Tribe to discuss your insights and discoveries
Q & A – Ask Tama questions for in-the-moment support and laser coaching. You also can submit your questions ahead of time if you can’t attend live.

PLUS Get VIP Access to:
• Group Membership Space
• Exclusive Facebook
• Private “Sanctuary”
• Network and Collaborate with Members
• Access & Interactivity with Tama Herself
• Q&A Between Sessions
• Unlimited Download/Replay of Sessions

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This Group Coaching program allows members to grow and learn from one another. Just imagine, having an ongoing support system to:
• Get past fear and self doubt consistently.
• Hear your own voice more often.
• Listen, think and live in a different way.
• Get out of feeling stuck sooner.
• Create new patterns in your mindset that you can return to, over and over again.

I am so GRATEFUL to have found Tama and this tribe! I have finally come to TRUST myself, and trust what I know. That is leading me to Oh! The Places I Go! guitars, photographs, an avalanche of good and happiness in my life! This Tribe, and you, Tama have been integral in this process.  Through your techniques and guidance, I am putting myself out in the world more clearly with intention and purpose than ever before.” – B. Wilson

“It was an amazing call thank you Tama!!!  I can hardly wait for the recording to come out so I can listen to it again and again. It spoke to me on so many levels. Thank you for your dedication to our tribe. Big love to you.” – D. Ebbers

First of all, you’ll meet Tama herself, and have numerous opportunities to connect with her directly. She really does participate in the exclusive Facebook group and answer emails! Life Tribe Members constantly remark at how accessible Tama is, and the tremendous value of really being one of her close cohorts.

You will be with the kind of people you don’t often meet in everyday life. People who are committed to their dreams and are not just talking about shifting their mindsets, but DOING it!

Learning to be Inspired and Unstoppable is like learning a new language. It requires practice to see things differently and to live them differently. In the Inspired & Unstoppable Life Tribe, we speak your language…the language of infinite possibilities, innate super powers, forces of good, and also grounded, practical, intelligence and dedication to excellence.

The Life Tribe is about walking in both worlds – practical excellence and infinite possibilities …and never having to walk alone!

There are choices you could be making right now to change everything. Joining us is one of them. Your tribe awaits YOU!

LIVE Coaching calls with Tama
5:30 pm Pacific | 6:30 pm Mountain | 7:30 pm Central | 8:30 pm Eastern
2019 Dates
January 9 & 23
February 6 & 20
March 6 & 20
April 10 & 24
May 8 & 22

Please note that this is an automatic charge that recurs every 30 days for monthly members and every 90 days for 3 month members.  You can read our cancellation policy here.