Tama Kieves

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“I just used Inviting Grace and had the most incredible experience. I don’t think anybody needs to take a workshop or buy anything else. All they need is this.”



Inviting Grace: Unleash Creativity & Intuition

Finally, there’s a great tool for listening to your inner voice! “Most of us can’t just plunk down and be creative or intuitive,” says Tama J. Kieves, long-time guide to the inner realms. Here, she has designed two special journeys, set to heart-healing music, to help you let go of tension and self-judgment and release your natural and often uncanny abilities. “I wanted to create something that bridged you from feeling stuck and tied to feeling relaxed and creative.”

The first meditation helps artists, writers, and visionaries of all kinds undo blocks and set free wholehearted expression. The second one guides the mind from ordinary consciousness to the mind receptive to exceptional problem-solving and direction. Both experiences may be used as a daily and powerful practice. Tama’s voice and energy are hypnotic!

“I use this CD every single time I sit down and write. It helps me to connect to my creativity. It’s great for getting guidance too. Thank you.”



You can also receive this CD as part of Tama’s Complete CD Package.