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Is There a Safe Road in Today’s Job Market? Oh Yes, and It’s Not What You Think

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Resumes don’t make you safe. Credentials don’t make you safe. Only passion is your ticket to stability. Everything in the world can change, except your true nature.

You were born to do what you were born to do.

Recently, I’ve been asked by media (including USA Today) and bloggers, across the country…in this tumultuous job climate and economy—as a national career expert—do I see any Safe Road?

Here’s how one blogger posed the question:

There comes a point for many people when they become exhausted and unfulfilled trying to follow the conventional path to success and disillusioned by the American Dream. It's practically an epidemic these days. Some peek around and decide they are too afraid of uncertainty and go back to sleep at the wheel. More and more people these days, however, find themselves overwhelmingly compelled to leave the safety and security of their current career and make a leap of faith to follow their true calling. You say in your book Inspired and Unstoppable: Wildly Succeeding in Your Life’s Work! that playing it safe is actually pretty dangerous. Is there such a thing as The Safe Road?

And my answer:

Oh yes there is! I teach all my clients that “In times of uncertainty, true passion is your greatest job security.” I don’t mean that you have to leave a job. But I do want you to follow a direction that thrills you or gives you the feeling of fitting into your own skin.  Think about it. The wealthiest people on the planet are those who pursued their passions, not the ones who denied them. (Oprah, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, movie stars, etc.)

Your true calling is endlessly sustainable and it gives you a distinctive edge. You have more love, stamina, resourcefulness and creativity when you utilize your talents.  You are also more willing to stretch and grow in arenas that move you.

When you do work you love, it gives you more confidence and energy. When you don’t do work you love, it depletes you in every area of your life. Think about it. If you’ve been this successful doing work you don’t love, what could you do with work you do love? Sure, you can will power your way through for a while at work you don’t love. But when you love something, you shine. It’s natural. You bring extra juice and exude charisma. 

There’s something more compelling here, too. The main point of my latest book Inspired & Unstoppable: Wildly Succeeding in Your Life’s Work! is that you are meant to succeed in the work you love. It’s almost inevitable. It’s your calling. It won’t let you go. You ache for this expression for a reason. It’s what you’re here to do. And there are doors that open for you that just wouldn’t open for you if you followed something else.

For me, when you do your dreams, you enter a relationship with the Divine. You lean into the Compelling, the Unfathomable Good, that which gives your life meaning and power in ways you can’t imagine. This is real security. This is better than any 401k and, believe me, your contributions are always matched. 

So yes, there is a Safe Road. It’s a wild ride. It’s a journey like none other. I hope more people get fed up with the insecurity of a traditional job market and discover the security of the opportunities and openings already waiting for them.   


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