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Inspirational Speaker seeks Tech-Savvy Creative Executive Assistant and Customer Relations Guru

A national speaker/ best-selling author/coach is seeking a tech-savvy, bright, take-charge right-hand person to help run and grow an internet business as well as live events. This will initially be a part-time position starting at 5-10 hours a week, but with the right individual and desire, this position can grow into almost anything including full time. We are looking for the right chemistry and skillset and will co-create this position together. This is a work-from-home position with a very flexible schedule. If you live anywhere near Denver, CO, that’s a big plus, but not necessary.

About the Company:
This is a passionate, creative business in the personal growth industry committed to making a difference in the world. At the core of their mission is helping others become inspired and unstoppable in expressing their true gifts in the world. Also, fundamental in their work is living from love and not fear. Since you will be interacting with clients and customers, your alignment and commitment to this mission is critical.

The speaker and owner is a Harvard trained attorney turned spiritual teacher/creative catalyst. With that unique combination comes both great communication, inspired leadership, fluid decision making processes as well as high expectations of performance.

About the Position:
We are looking for (initially) a part-time right-hand person who is an excellence freak, smart, and can create order out of creative genius, manage details, keep things moving forward, deal with people in writing in a warm, relational way that also highlights products and programs — and helps make things happen. You’re a great listener, process quickly, and proactively move from idea to creative execution. You also have a strong desire to be part of growing this work in the world.

This is just a glimpse at some of the possible varied tasks. (You may or may not need to do all of these.) You may also be in the role of delegating these tasks to another admin assistant or outside vendor that you help recruit.

  •  Client relations
    • Handling incoming email and phone inquiries about classes, events and other offerings, in a way that grows this work. This includes being a “brand evangelist.”
    • Tech support for online classes, assisting clients with passwords, trouble- shooting technical issues.
    • Connecting with clients with creativity, warmth, and humor — most often through email in a timely manner.
    • Establishing rapport and connection effortlessly and consistently — with light sales.
  • Marketing
    • Proactively plan and execute multiple email campaigns, including monthly e-zine. Suggest and organize content. Creatively utilize existing content.
    • Help draft marketing emails.
    • Utilize CRM system (Ontraport) to tag and segment lists.
    • Help create landing pages.
  • Speaking Engagements
    • Possible Networking, Promotion, & Outreach – connecting with organizations in a given city where speaker is scheduled to travel to secure/set up speaking engagements, support, or media.
    • Oversee coordination of event details, including timely shipping of products and communications with venue hosts.
  • Back End Support
    • Organize for quick retrieval products, testimonials, and creative content.
    • Proofread monthly e-zine for accuracy of dates, consistency of style, etc.
    • Organize program descriptions.
    • Updating website content (and possible content creation).
    • Manage calendar listings for all events.
    • Managing membership site, shopping cart, and organization of database in Ontraport, a Customer Relations Management System.
  • Other Possible (and Dream) Duties (if it’s a fit for you)
    • Social media strategy and management.
    • Product creation-repurposing existing content into workbooks, programs, and anything you can imagine.
    • Video content creation/video editing.
    • Internet marketing strategy and execution.
    • Website creation/graphic design/ SEO.
    • Creative brainstorming.


    • Upbeat, smart, and fast-paced.
    • Outstanding communication skills and “realness.
    • Loves to take charge and is very bright, self-motivated, and able to spearhead direction with minimal training.
    • Technically savvy, with the ability to learn and master new software quickly.
    • Knack for organizing, streamlining, economizing, and creating process improvements.
    • Natural propensity for sales and marketing and supporting the growth of a mission.
    • Ability to easily prioritize and adapt to changing priorities.
    • Ability to find and delegate to external resources.
    • Excellence Freak who nails details.
    • Nurturing presence who supports and encourages growth.
    • Wicked sense of humor, warmth, and creativity.
    • Experience supporting a speaker or coach or working in an internet business is a BIG PLUS.
    • Experience with Ontraport or InfusionSoft a BIG PLUS.
    • Office 365 and Maestro Conference experience also helpful.


510 to start, though this position can grow into anything we mutually desire. Hours are flexible, but need to be consistent. Morning availability is strongly desired.


$17-$30/hour with growth potential. Know this position is YOU? Try us out or pitch us your rates.


Please send an email to NatlAuthor@yahoo.com and write us a letter telling us why this job attracts you (which parts are especially YOU) and why you think you’re just the right person to help us grow. How do you think you can help us most? And what experience have you had? Please include all your contact information, anything we should know about you, and a resume if you’d like. (and if you know your top 5 strengths from Strengths Finders or your Enneagram type of any other type of personality assessment, shoot it along. We want to know about you!)