Tama Kieves

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Living Miraculously in Changing Times

A Virtual Workshop with Tama Kieves

(video + audio recording of live Webinar from 3-19-19)

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There’s been so much fear in the media and so many changes in our individual and collective lives. But I know that no matter what your life looks like right now: you were born for these times.

You have resources you don’t even know about.

You have opportunities right in front of you.

You may just look back at this time in your life with so much gratitude and love.

I’d love to show you how.

Whether you’re in a career transition, divorce, growing your small business or empire, dealing with an illness, or just seeking your next step and brilliant direction in life, Living Miraculously in Changing Times will help you shift the way you are seeing things to find the miracles that are right in front of you.

It’s Time to Live Miraculously!


Join me for a 75-minute recorded webinar (and yes – it is recorded!) in which I will share three principles that are going to set you free during times of change—and open you to miracles. And I mean miracles! Solutions you can’t imagine. Synchronicities that take your breath away. Love that finds you from every corner and shifts everything.

If you have ever been in one of my classes or workshops, you know that it’s not just “head talk” … we’re gonna dig down and work on actually applying these principles to YOUR life. We’re going to have ourselves an EXPERIENCE that moves us beyond our stagnant mind…into our courageous, outrageous spirit. It’s time to unlock your super powers and shift into the life you were born to live.

These are tangible tools that truly work.

And it’s just $10. (Yes, it’s a no-brainer)

This virtual workshop can help you save YEARS of time, and OODLES of money, when you learn how to awaken your own Inspired Power, move beyond blocks, and live miraculously through ANY change…over and over again!