Tama Kieves

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Magic Journey to the Self:

A Guided Freewriting Adventure

Thursday, August 23rd, 2018

8:30-9:45pm Eastern (7:30 Central, 6:30 Mountain, 5:30 Pacific)

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Are you feeling restless? Ready to unlock a healing? A shift? Or open up to your wild, infinitely creative most precious part of yourself?

I’m going back to my roots. I used to lead groups for years where I offered guided meditations followed by writing/journaling prompts. I used to do them for $10.00 in my living room. I loved the raw, authentic stories, memories, and insights we awakened.  And I’m going to do it again. Same price.

This time—through the wonder of easy technology—I’m offering it to anyone in the world at any time. And since it’s video, it’s all recorded, so you can take this journey again and again.

Please come play, heal, and create with me. Let’s enter sacred time with others and most importantly, ourselves.

  • * Enter the temple of creative willingness
  • * Uncover your soul’s guidance
  • * Feel the rush of creative energy
  • * Write what you need to write, either journal answers– or the best damn writing of your life
  • * Experience therapy, meditation, or maybe a touch of the creative shaman’s peyote coming through your pen (or laptop)
  • * Share your writing with others, if you like—and enjoy the creative, healing community


“I couldn’t believe what came through my pen tonight. WOW. “It was just so different to write with a group!  You weren’t kidding one bit when you called this a MAGICAL journey!”

“Thank you for providing this experience for me to come home to myself. I have tears of gratitude as I write this to you…”

Magic Journey opened up an insight, giving me the courage to go home after work the next night and start writing instead of roaming Walmart!”

It’s a ride. It’s a glide. It’s a revelation. It’s an experience.  

Join me for Magic Journey to the Self: A Guided Freewriting Adventure

It’s fun. meaningful. Self-directed. And it’s $10.00. Everything I love.