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How to “Make It” in Your Life’s Work: Getting Everything by Giving It

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Are you tired, yet, of the “beggar syndrome?” You know, that sense of looking into the window ofother people’s lives, wishing you could be as successful. 
I can’t tell you (and don’t want to!) how much I kept imagining everyone else knew how to grow the work they loved (and run away to Bali with the man they loved, while eating organically, shopping locally, healing the world globally, buying New York Timesbestselling author appropriate black dresses, and fill in the blank of your craving here.) 

My own success, has come, of course, through learning how to stand in my strength—a strength not given to us by the world. It’s the inspired power of love, and every one of us has it.
This month, I’m excerpting this passage from my book Inspired & Unstoppable: Wildly Succeeding in Your Life’s Work! (Tarcher/Penguin). Inspired & Unstoppable is all about how to use inspired means to achieve any of your dreams. 

The world is not holding you back. You are holding the world back. You are holding back your strength and your strength can make a difference at this time. You have a power in you that can move mountains, and, better yet, people. But you’re still allowing others to tell you what’s possible or right.
Maybe you’re still chasing kudos to glue some sequined wings onto your hobbled back. But no amount of approval will ever set loose the inspired potential that you already possess. You have the power to shed your ordinary skin. You have the power to turn flesh into hope, disconnection into union, and this moment into a balm to some section of humanity. You are holding back the floodgates of your own wild ride.

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