Tama Kieves

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Mojo Journey:
Reclaiming the Power of YOU! 

One Day EXTRAORDINARY RETREAT with Bestselling  Author Tama Kieves

March 24th, 2018 | 9:30 AM – 3:30 PM

Location: Healing Arts Center (St. Andrews) 6774 W. 66th Avenue, Arvada, CO

$129 for the day

Feeling restless, confused or disappointed?

It’s time to connect with the vitality of your True Self.

Imagine giving yourself a turning point day of nurturing space & support to remember who you really are.

Leave behind the noise. Let go of habits. Tap back into your magic.

In this one-day retreat, you will join with smart, fun, conscious, creative individuals just like you who are dedicated to creating the lives they desire (or discovering them) and making every moment count.

Maybe you’re healing a relationship? Or aching to take your life’s work into the world?

Or maybe you’re facing a health challenge– or just feeling like you’ve lost touch with the extraordinary power of your own mojo.


I’ve taught thousands worldwide how to listen to the genius within them and discover unimaginable healing power and bold, brilliant specific direction—not to mention the pure joy of feeling like your true self again.

Together we are going to enter Inspired Time (a space of non-judgment, wicked fun, brilliant support, powerful conversation, exceptional community) and through guided meditation, journaling, and interactive coaching, mentoring time-tested strategies/exercises and more, you will learn how to:

*  Move past discouragement & uncover infinite opportunity.

*  Tap inspired clarity, breakthroughs, and restorative peace of mind.

*  Fall in love with what’s right in front of you.

*  Connect to the purpose, passion or direction that is calling to you now—and your next step.

It’s time to blast past old stories and diminishing self-talk or beliefs. It’s time to experience your infinite stamina, love, talent and conviction.

It’s time to transform your way of seeing. It’s time to let go of treading water.

It’s time for a Mojo Journey.

Join Tama on March 24th, 2018  for a one day EXTRAORDINARY RETREAT!

9:30 AM – 3:30 PM

Location: Healing Arts Center (St. Andrews) 6774 W. 66th Avenue, Arvada, CO

$129 for the day