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Moving Forward Without Fear—The Easy Way


(This is an excerpt from an article I just released in my e-newsletter. Want a copy? Get it here)

I am going to tell you about cleaning up my clutter, baby.

I’m really telling you the secret of making seven figures in the work you love. I’m telling you how to get to Bali. Or figure out who you are, now that you no longer fit in your skin. I’m telling you how to move on from the one whose name must never be mentioned, though you mention it way too much.
Really, this is about going past the ‘all or nothing’ syndrome and onto the easy track of having everything, well, eventually.


My home office resembled a nice, homey, junkyard for years, accented with tasteful teal walls. I’d answer the phone acrobatically, thank God for yoga. I knew exactly where the slip of paper with the red dot was, though to others my desk looked like the remains of a parade, after the windstorm, tornado, and apocalypse. I am a lover of potential. Others say, a clutter freak. But we’re splitting hairs.

For years, I swore I’d sift, sort, and jump into current time.  One Friday night, armed with meditation and gospel music, I finally decided to tackle a fat pile and the contents of a desk drawer. I dumped everything on the floor. It looked like a whale or planet had thrown up. The debris was CD covers, half started articles, a ring I meant to fix, scraps of images for art projects, bank statements and disintegrated “important” phone numbers. I was doing fine, until I had the thought, “this is going to take so much longer than I thought.”

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6 comments on “Moving Forward Without Fear—The Easy Way

  • Vicki Ehlen

    I always find just what I need from your words and have devoured your books and have shared your inspiration and spot on observations with my friends.  I Love your new sharing about the clutter that surrounds us.  I have been spending two plus years sorting a lifetime of possessions and memorablia from both my parents who have both passed as well as my Grandmother's treasures that come with the depression era mentality of "you must keep this because there may be a time when we cannot acquire this." It's a monumental task and I am grateful to have the time and space but I've reached a point where I'm just done and my own home needs a good purge as well.  I've found when I tackle the garage to clear out stored treasures, it's a draining experience of my life force so your advice to stay present and do one thing at a time and be done is so much smarter.  "Going tiny is the new big." is brilliant.  Thank you for sharing your experience and for relating so eloquently the insights that come to you.  I think I can say with confidence that we are renewed with passionate motivation when we have you to spark the connection that we may all feel but have difficulty putting it in words.  Thank you so much Tama! 

  • Monica

    Considering your advice and that of others, I took a tiny step onto my garden path and I'm feeling really happy and excited.  I am starting a seasonal job in a greenhouse next week. I'll get to share my knowledge of growing and caring for beautiful plants with people. Sure it pays next to nothing in terms of cash. It thrills my soul to know I can call myself a greenhouse worker. This, after a career in advertising production, feels so much more meaningful to me now. My friends are happy for me too, although they say I'll never make any money doing this. Somehow I know I cannot worry abot that now. I'm on a sacred journey. 

    Tama, you'll love this- Last month I found an old (circa 1911) postcard in a book I borrowed from the library and this is what it said:  "May your path be one of Roses in the New Year." I've been praying for a sign to show me the way. And there it was, just a little miracle sent to me. See, I am worthy of happiness afterall. 

    Warm regards,


  • Chuck

    Please resend this mojo message to me I forwarded it to a friend but would like a copy for myself. Am already on your list just need another copy of this. thanks

  • Kay Ford Johnsen

    I too have been working on the home office monster for a while…a month or so. Many bags of shredded paper have made their way to the community recycling center. Papers that I need to keep and file have been organized into labeled bags on the floor but the office still looks as bad as ever.

    My grandsons were visiting and one of them was walking around on my organized bags. I asked him to stop.  He just looked at me and asked, “Then why did you put them on the floor?” OK, I have been schooled by a four-year-old. He doesn’t understand the importance of my pathological need to preserve decades of old crap. I didn't have anywhere else to put them.

    I have purchased many books about organization and decluttering over the years. Sometimes one of them reappears at the bottom of a stack of books on my bedroom floor. I apparently haven’t been using them properly. I always feel overwhelmed by my endless list of seemingly insurmountable tasks.

    I was at a journaling workshop this morning and I did a cluster/mind-map about clearing my home of clutter. Each small task is isolated in its own balloon. So, here’s my plan. I’m going to play a game. I won’t look at the endless list. Whenever I have the time and feel motivated, I will choose a balloon and pop it by doing that small task. Let’s see how that works.

    I criticize myself because I take all of this too seriously. I need to remember that it’s just a game. Let’s see if I can win.

    My good news: I had time to respond to this because I have reduced my unread emails from over 12,000 to under 600. Victory lap!


  • Kathryn

    My little tiny steps are looking at my husband's receipts spreadsheet to see what needs to be done and starting by adding an extra column at the end so its easier to read the previous column.  On my receipts spreadsheet, I noticed I need to fill in the monthly mileage.  Hurray!  Thank you for tiny.  It really is big, being able to move along a little bitty bit.

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