Tama Kieves

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A self-guided coaching program based on the #1 Amazon best-seller (Career Guides) and Nautilus award-winner:

Inspired & Unstoppable: Wildly Succeeding in Your Life’s Work!

“I know there is another way to live, work, and succeed. It’s an inspired way. It’s deeply practical. It’s radically safe. And it’s miraculous.”

Tama Kieves

This Course Is Designed With YOU in Mind…

Do you sometimes feel sad watching other people soar in the life of their dreams– while you know you have as much talent and desire? (Excellent! It means you have greatness in you, baby, and you need to be living it!)

  • Do you just wish you knew how to take your dreams into the world—and that the way felt right to you, effortless, passionate and more effective than any other strategy?
  • Do you sometimes lose faith in your dreams and wish you could stop struggling – and instead see greater and greater success in your life?
  • What would it be like to see your right work grow and flourish along with your sense of fire, conviction, and joy?
  • Do you want to make more money doing your life’s work, influence more people, get more recognition, grow an empire, know more freedom, and finally hit the note you came to sing? (Of course you do!)

You have a calling, an expression of infinite talent, stamina, and love. You are not meant to work in ways that feel artificial or meaningless. You are meant to succeed in the work you love. Your wildest dreams are not frivolous. They are your source for inspired abilities and dynamic direction. We are living in new times in which it’s no longer safe to “play it safe.” True passion is your greatest security.

This self-guided coaching program was designed to help you create the work you love — the way you came to do it.


About The Course

Says Tama: I’ve coached and taught thousands of career-transitioners, artists, entrepreneurs, visionaries, leaders, and achievers for two decades now. I’ve seen the pain of not living your dreams. I’ve also witnessed the wonder and awe of discovering a way to live an inspired and unstoppable life. It’s just more fun to succeed!

I wrote Inspired & Unstoppable: Wildly Succeeding in Your Life’s Work! because I saw so many talented individuals struggling to live their dreams and asking the same kinds of questions. I knew that if I could help them ask bigger questions– they would get bigger answers. You can and will succeed in the work you’re meant to do—if you stay with it. I want to help you stay with it—because I want you to thrive in the one singular way that you are meant to thrive— and I want to see your gifts in this world.

I designed this 8-week program to help you stay committed to what you really want in this life, and what you can have.  Each week you have my support:

  • You’ll get weekly audio-instruction from me based on a deeper look at the chapters of the book, and my work with entrepreneurial, creative, visionary, ambitious and freedom-seeking coaching clients for the past 20 years.
  • You’ll also get the Inspired Guides—inquiries, exercises, and assignments to help you put the lessons to work. AND my weekly audio guided-meditations that help bypass your conscious mind to uncover more radical clarity, direction, and genius.
  • Plus, you have access to a private community of amazing souls world-wide who are doing this work with you, along with my input. And here’s the best part: YOU HAVE LIFE-TIME ACCESS TO THIS SUPPORT. Because an inspired journey is always evolving!

What To Expect From The Course

Every week from the convenience of your home and any time you want—get coached by Tama!  Learn how to:

  • Experience your Inspired Power and conviction and break through fears and limiting beliefs.
  • Reveal your own authentic, rock solid way to succeed—and stop wasting time listening to the “advice,” steps, and strategies that will never work for you.
  • Succeed through “mojo mastery” working in the zone, getting all the breaks, experiencing more stamina, synchronicity, and productivity than you knew possible.
  • Turn the obstacles that arise into turning points, shifts that last a lifetime, and increased clarity and momentum —instead of unconscious defeats and lowered energy (oh thank goodness!)
  • Move with “right timing,” honor the work you do, and get it into the world with joy and power and step not only into a bigger life, but a truer one. Through experiencing your own excitement and clarity– become an unstoppable warrior for your life’s work!
  • Learn the secret of inspired success: You don’t need the steps…when you have the moves. You need to be moved. And this program will show you how to do this in every area of your life!

“Invest in your dreams….
Nothing else in life will give you as much excitement, meaning, and real security!”

Tama Kieves

What if you knew your wildest dream could be a reality? What is doing the right thing with your time on earth worth to you?

Coaching saves you time, money, and that feeling of wasted potential. The right support can make all the difference in your life…and in that way it really is priceless.

Tama Kieves, former Harvard lawyer turned visionary mojo career catalyst and success coach has been coaching for over 20 years and her clients swear by her. She’s offered workshops throughout the United States and internationally. As a coach, she often can’t take on new clients as her schedule is full with ongoing clients and inspired group coaching. If you worked with her individually for all the coaching in this program– you would pay thousands of dollars. This program is $149.00 and you get LIFETIME ACCESS to the material!

Included in the Course:

What’s Included In Your Awesome Adventure: (much more than you can imagine because this is an inspired adventure– but here’s the crunchy specifics.)

  • 8 audio lessons with Tama, deepening, expanding, and reflecting on the principles of the book that will guide you to discover your own inspired way to succeed in your dreams.
  • 16 inspired guides that help you focus, ignite clarity, and coach yourself into staying on fire, and taking life-changing next steps.
  • 8 guided meditations with Tama, designed to help you unlock and experience deeper levels of confidence, conviction, healing, higher creativity, and insight. These easy bite-sized meditations are designed to bypass your conscious mind to help you uncover radical clarity, direction, and genius.
  • 8 mojo mantras—powerful weekly touchstones that focus your mind, week, and life.
  • Access to a community of intelligent, creative, accomplished and visionary like-minded adventurers. And access and input from Tama!
  • Lifetime access to this course—so you can do it anytime, anywhere. (AND you can use it again and again-going deeper each time–which many students have.)
  • The loving and passionate encouragement, brilliant perspectives, real-world examples, and cutting-edge inspired paradigm shifts and strategies to finally achieve your dreams.

“What if everything you thought you needed to do to succeed—was actually standing in the way of your success? It’s time to dive deep into the awe of succeeding in your own way.”

Tama Kieves