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Anything Can Work Out Right Now (Unless You’re Not in the Now)

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Are you ready to discover your calling? Or become a household name? Or meet the love of your life? Then rip up your scorecard, baby. Sit at the doorstep of Creative Possibility. Step into this uncorrupted moment, and allow your years, disappointments, and opinions to disappear. Call it Zen. Amnesia. Surrender. The Zone. Whatever lingo works for you. Because as a career and an inspired success coach, I know this breakthrough strategy works. It’s this: I have the willingness to allow things to work out, even if they haven’t worked out before. 

Let’s face it. The eager run through open fields and meet new opportunities. The beleaguered trip on daisies. They call it “experience.”

Recently I coached Julie, a psychotherapist who had three hot new prospects call her in the past week. I felt excited for her. But I noticed Julie’s tone was as flat as my kitchen table, well, as flat as my kitchen table is, underneath a small mountain range of piles. She could have been telling me about historic weather patterns in downtown San Diego.

“Yeah I’ve seen this before. There’s a little spike of interest and then it dies down,” she said. Suddenly I felt my interest die down, plummet actually. I swear I could feel the stars in the evening sky recede. Her tone, momentarily, turned my enthusiasm into a shade of shame. It was as though the adult had stormed into the room and told us to stop jumping up and down on the bed.

Of course Julie had her reasons for staying cautious and a bit deflated. She’d had “experience.” I envisioned attorneys wheeling in their case files and documents, exhibits and evidence. Her reasons took up a great deal of room in her heart and in our call.  

“You know, this time doesn’t have to be like the past,” I said softly. “Yeah, I don’t want to get my hopes up,” she remarked. “I’ve been down that road.”

And that’s when I knew we stood at the threshold of change— or in quicksand.  Julie was no longer in present time. There was no future available to her. She was on a “road.” Only what had happened in the past could happen again. And the more she guarded her heart, the more robotic she became. I sure wouldn’t sign up for psychotherapy with her.

I wanted her to get those clients. I wanted her to surprise herself. I wanted her to feel a dream come true and then another one and another one. I wanted her to be free. And most of all, I wanted her to show up for her current life with love. I wanted her to meet her life now and have her real life meet her back with the stunning generosity I knew was available.


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