Tama Kieves

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Live your promise —fearless and guided. Accomplish lavishly without pain. Bring your dreams, bring your challenges, bring it on! Be who you are meant to be. Come blossom with us. Heighten your commitment to yourself in this lifetime. How will this work? In ways you can’t imagine, that’s for sure. But here’s some more details for your precious mind…

The Personal Power Pilgrimage is a 12 week program that includes six 90 minute LIVE group coaching calls with TAMA every other week: (You will be asked to deepen your commitment to yourself by preparing for these calls with journaling/awareness assignments and journaling after the calls as well.) On each of these calls, you get the inspired synergy of group coaching AND 12 minutes of personal laser coaching with TAMA. There will also be customized assignments, and an exclusive message board for members to deepen the discussion, share breakthroughs, report wins, ask for support and further bask in the powerful energy of the group and with TAMA.

Go for it! How To Apply For the Next Phase of Your Unbelievable Good…

Answer the following 5 Questions. Please don’t work or analyze yourself to death. Just let your first thoughts fly, have fun, dream on paper…

  1. What desire/goal/intention would you most like to work on with Tama? (It’s okay if it’s layered, textured, or not set in stone. You’re not locked in. Your rock-solid, inspired truth will emerge in the program!)
  2. What would you feel like or experience if this desire came true?
  3. Where do you see yourself being stuck? And what is the best kind(s) of support you could imagine receiving?
  4. Please share your thoughts about this commitment that may indicate your interest, desire and readiness for this very special opportunity —are you ready to focus your love and time in this way, and are you willing to invest $997 on your commitment to yourself? NOTE: upon your acceptance into the program, your one-time payment of $997 OR your initial payment of $405 is required.
  5. Anything else you might like Tama to know?

We are not currently offering this program, but if you are interested in the Personal Power Pilgrimage please send an email to connect@tamakieves.com.