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Kick-Ass Creativity:
Trusting the Power of Inspiration
A Virtual Workshop with Tama Kieves

(video + audio recording of live Webinar from June 27, 2019

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You possess wild genius creative powers. YES, YOU DO.
In fact, your deep creativity is the most electric and secure part of you that exists.

But are you fully using your incredible capacities? And are you ready to stop wasting time feeling frustrated, numb, or blocked?

(Oh, yes, you are—because life is too short to stay stuck, especially when your outrageously sweetest life is calling your name!)

KICK-ASS CREATIVITY is all about discovering (or recovering) YOUR holy creative genius, baby!

Creativity may look like diving into writing or oil painting like never before. It may also look like … gardening, taking a comedy class, leading your team on a river rafting adventure, redesigning your kitchen or marriage, making an altar…and ANYTHING else that feels like FUN or awakens your inspired connection to yourself….

All the ideas and activities that secretly feel frivolous, low-priority, unconventional, unmarketable, unrealistic, off the beaten path and “maybe someday….” Those maverick ideas are shamans that can transform everything in your life. Your creativity is your connection to infinite powers. When you attend to your creative integrity, expression, and growth, EVERYTHING is immediately different.

You awaken fresh solutions/possibilities that excite you and make you feel abundant.
Doors start opening!
Your health improves (yes, there are studies on this!)
You judge yourself and others less…and trust so much more.
You remember how to play.
You utilize your head AND your heart—and experience healing not of the mind.

You unleash mystical powers and promise you didn’t know you had.
You Kick Ass!! And have FUN!!

In KICK-ASS CREATIVITY you’ll have an unforgettable experience that you can use again and again.

In this Webinar, you will:

    • Discover why your creativity is the most important part of you (and how you might be blocking your strength!)

    • Learn three techniques to open up to the power (and portal) of inspiration

    • Have an experiential adventure in meeting your creative powers and getting direction for your singular next steps

    • Get the jolt of motivation, love, and enthusiasm that you’ve been waiting for!

Watch the video at your convenience, and bring your….

Creative inspiration is the bridge to breakthrough.
I want to bring you there.

Kick-Ass Creativity: Trusting the Power of Inspiration
A Virtual Workshop


This 90-minute Virtual Workshop is just $29 and can help you save YEARS and don’t-even-talk-about-it amounts of money. Learn how to find and trust YOUR Kick-Ass creativity and harness its uncanny guidance and productivity…over and over again!