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Sanctuary: Finding Inspired Clarity in These Times
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These are challenging times. It’s easy to get sucked into fear and catastrophizing thinking. But there is also an opportunity in front of us – a unique portal to connect to peace and inspired power — and perhaps greater clarity than ever before.

Just because you don’t know what’s going to happen in the world, doesn’t mean you don’t know what to do.

Are you ready to stop feeding your fear? And connect to your inspired direction? To find things you can do right now that will empower you, excite you – and even set you up for success?

(Of course you are,—because life is too short to be paralyzed by fear and uncertainty, especially when your best life is calling your name—no matter the circumstances!)

The impeccable state of mind and empowered next steps that are already awaiting you—can make all the difference to you…and for our world.

Tama Kieves, former Harvard Law School trained attorney turned best-selling author and USA Today featured visionary career/success catalyst, has helped thousands worldwide to move past fear, tackle uncertainty and shift their mind-set to achieve the extraordinary in their own lives. And she is inviting you to download the recording of this Free one-time-only event to gather together with other conscious, passionate minds to create a force field of possibility and inspired breakthroughs.

In the recording of this Free Event, you will experience:


  • A sacred no-fear zone: a true sanctuary in which you can take a respite from all the stress and worry and step into possibility.
  • A healing meditation/invocation led by Tama, to both ground you in your greatest power and connect you to your unprecedented wisdom.
  • Creative, peak performance, and healing techniques to help you get inspired direction, comfort, and answers from your own innate genius.
  • The inspiring power of group connection to create an energy that is bigger than any fear.
  • A takeaway of YOUR inspired clarity…to pinpoint the things that will nourish and strengthen you right now…even in the midst of uncertainty


Join meaning seekers and mavericks world-wide together in a powerful, healing container of energy and intentionality– as we consciously move past the fear of uncertainty and choose to thrive through it, instead.

Let’s create a world of clarity and inspired action! AND it’s free!  Share this with your loved ones! Be a force for good right now…and share this timely opportunity with your network, group, or friends, anywhere in the world. It’s a time to find comfort and creative breakthroughs together. It’s time to spread love instead of fear…