Tama Kieves

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It’s Time for an Inspired Revolution

Where Everyone is Doing the Work They’re Meant to Do

I believe it’s time for an Inspired Revolution.

I want to live in a world where everyone is doing the work they’re meant to do. It’s time for artists, entrepreneurs, visionaries and mavericks to take their talents and vision into the world. It’s time to stop trying to fit into the world or make it in the world, but instead re-make the world with our love and excellence.

It’s not crazy to want a rich, authentic, contributive life. Really, it’s crazy to deny the inspired power that lives within you. In times of economic uncertainty, true passion is your greatest security.

Let’s Create the New Mainstream

Many of us are bridge people, and, yes, that would be as opposed to living under the bridge people. We are left brained and right brained. We are analytical and creative. We are sensitive and grounded. We are drawn to the light and yet have our feet on the ground, some in red Prada, and others in Birkenstocks. Some of us have higher educations. Some of us have learned things that no school teaches and we could never explain. We are liaisons between worlds and ways.

We are both/and people. We are wearing coats of many colors. We don’t fit in any boxes. We span categories. We defy definition. Sometimes, we have felt like misfits. But really we are mavericks. We are stepping into new territories. We are taking the power we have in the world, and beginning to use our higher powers. We are here to give creativity and spirituality authority. We are here to normalize the inspired, alternative, and brilliant. We are here to love like never before. We are here to honor all the intelligences within humanity. We are here to listen to our souls. We are here to walk in new ways into a new world. We are the ones who will make the incredible, credible. We are here to create a new mainstream of exponential possibilities. We are different. And we will make the difference to those around us. We will choose love instead of fear. We will choose to soar.

Welcome dear ones. I am grateful to share this journey with you.

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