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Wild Wisdom Wake-up:
Finding Extraordinary Answers in Extraordinary Ways

This Month’s Theme: DELIGHT

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DELIGHT might not be the word you would use for these times – but maybe it should be.

Have you experienced feeling disconnected, exhausted, or like you can’t find your way to what you love most in life? (Life is too short to stay numb!)

When was the last time you felt that giddy-for-life feeling of being aligned, appreciative and awake?

Or do you have these moments of bliss – but it’s fleeting?  One day you want to kiss the ground with gratitude…but the next day (or even the next hour) you feel like you can’t even get up off the ground?

Everyone is talking about surviving – but you might have forgotten that delighting is an act of strength.

Sounds great, right? But…how the hell DO you cultivate and practice delight?

Maybe you never learned how to delight in life. Or maybe you think of delight as something dependent on circumstances…something you’ll get to experience later.

Or maybe you’re lucky enough to know your way to delight, but you don’t let yourself go there– you feel too guilty or overwhelmed to make it a priority.

Delight is not indulgent. Delight is a source of strength. Delight is a mandate from your Spirit.

I’m talking about Delight that sticks. Delight isn’t just about relaxing at a café in Paris, or getting your book published, or having your kitchen re-done.

Delight is a way of being in your life that opens you up to consistent magic—no matter what is going on.

Hello…it’s time to shake up your wake up.

Because you’re either listening to a power that has no limits…or a limited mind that has no power.

Think you have no clarity? Yabba dabba do….it’s not true.

Extraordinary wisdom abides within you. You can have access to holy, sacred love, genius, and knowing. And, really, it’s painful to be removed from our own storehouse of innate intelligence and joy.

WILD WISDOM WAKE-UP is a one-time experience that takes you on a journey of self-compassion and devotion to your life and your boldest truth. Together, we will venture into Inspired Time, tap different creative perspectives, and loosen things up – so you can unlock your DELIGHT to guide you towards the next breadcrumb, spontaneous healing, breakthrough or business plan.

This month’s theme is DELIGHT. And together we will:

  •     *Learn your personal way of accessing delight – and how NOT to feel guilty about it!
  •     *Discover your habits/triggers that cause you to be disconnected from the channels of immediate inspiration.
  •     *Discover the quickest ways to return to the goodness of your life and safeguard your precious state of mind.
  •     *And whatever inspired mojo comes up…

Bring your desires and your doubts—and your questions. Bring your hope and your pain.
Bring it all. Bring nothing. Bring your willingness to experience a shift.

Because we’re going to create a wild sanctuary together! Through safety, intuition, creative prompts and discussion with a maverick community, you’ll get out of your head to reach your wildest wisdom and receive nudges, aha’s, sideways magic, and deeper answers and direction.

You can have a brilliant life. You have the power.

You have more juice, forgiveness, mercy and infinite promise than you know. Join the Wild Wisdom Wake-Up for an experience of waking you up to the extraordinary life you’re already in!

It’s fun. Meaningful. Transformational. And it’s $10.00. Everything I love.

Ready to show up to the inner ashram of infinite creative potential?
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