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We live, love, and work differently here. We are choosing inspired lives.

Work with Team TAMATeam TAMA is a flourishing grassroots family of charismatic and courageous professionals, led by bestselling author, leading career/success coach, and sought-after speaker, Tama Kieves. Tama is here to empower conscious, smart, loving individuals to be who they are meant to be in this world — and to help create a new mainstream culture that chooses inspiration over fear.

Every member of Team TAMA has been called to unite in helping people around the globe to create the lives and work they love. Tama is leading an inspired revolution through love, wit, intelligent spirituality, and encouraging all extraordinary souls to tap their inspired power.

This page includes information about Tama’s Insider’s Alliance.  When job openings become available, they are posted here. 

Tama’s Insider’s Alliance Volunteers

Tama’s Insider’s Alliance is a dynamic cooperative of talented volunteers who are passionate about all things Tama Kieves and would LOVE to help her take this Inspired Revolution to amazing heights.  If you’re interested in JOINING Team TAMA, then Tama’s Insiders’ Alliance is THE fast track to future employment opportunities within our organization. Insiders’ Alliance members are the FIRST people we turn to when the hiring light turns green!

Our specific needs are listed below.  Sound like you? We’d love to hear from you!

Insider’s Alliance Opening #1: Social Media Assistant

Tama’s Insider’s Alliance is looking for a dynamo Social Media Assistant! This is a volunteer position for a highly CREATIVE individual.

Our immediate need is a rockstar who loves photos, quotes and Facebook! For this first project, you would be pairing up royalty-free photos and images with Tama’s inspiring quotes, and posting them as Tama’s daily message on Facebook. A picture IS worth a thousand words, and you are someone who can impeccably grasp the energy of a message and convey it through imagery, making Tama’s words have even greater impact!

For the right person, this project can to lead to lots more … including future employment opportunities.

What we’re looking for:

  • You’re familiar with: Facebook posting, hashtags, and scheduling ahead (experience with Later or Buffer a plus!)
  • You have a knack for finding the “just right image” for each quote.
  • You’re comfortable with basic image editing, such as resizing.
  • You’re detail-driven, with a natural eye for double-checking your work and proofreading.
  • You love the idea of filling people’s feed with Tama’s message every day!
  • You enjoy working independently (and remotely), but are also energized by being part of a kind-hearted and creative team.
  • You’re able to keep track of your own timelines and schedules with little supervision.
  • You are smart, conscious, fun, sharp, creative, easy to work with, responsive, flexible, generous and a great communicator..

Does this sound like you?  This position is for an Insider’s Alliance volunteer, but it could turn into more! Please scroll down for directions to apply!

Insider’s Alliance Opening #2:  Graphic Designer

Tama’s Insider’s Alliance is looking for a stellar Graphic Designer! This is a volunteer position to start, but we have a lot of designer needs, so it could easily lead to project-based work.

What we’re looking for:

You know how to transform ideas into graphic concepts. You love working with people collaboratively and then running with an idea. You LOVE creatively packaging, re-purposing, delivering and marketing content.  At this point, we are specifically interested in someone who will turn quotes from Tama’s books into beautiful social media graphics—and other possible media.

Does this sound like you?  This position is for an Insider’s Alliance volunteer, but it could turn into more!

To Apply:

  1. Take the following quote and create a graphic that would be appropriate to share on Instagram. Note: You retain all rights to your creation, and we will not use it in any way without your permission.  This is simply a way to get a sense of YOU and how you might translate the energy of this quote into a graphic. (If you like, feel free to submit several versions of this quote!)

The quote is:

Stay true to your integrity.  Listen to what only you know inside. You dream big because you’re called. Say YES to the ride. You belong in the life of your dreams. And you don’t belong anywhere else.    -Tama Kieves

  1. Please send your image to NatlAuthor@yahoo.com with the subject “Insider’s Alliance: Graphic Art Sample” — along with a letter telling us a bit about yourself. What kind of graphic experience do you have, and any in creating social media content? What unique assets do YOU bring, and how do you think you can help us most?  And feel free to share….if you might lend other skills to our team, what they might be?

In addition to the positions outlined above, we are also interested in the following roles for the Insider’s Alliance:

  • Mojo Ambassador and Customer Service Rockstar: Reach out to organizations/events to connect Tama as a speaker, and increase our engagement and “surprise and delight factor” with our current list of clients and students. You shine and easily connect on the phone and in writing.
  • Team TAMA Detailed Excellence “Freak”: Someone who sees a checklist and thinks they’re in heaven; channels the best of the character “Radar” from M.A.S.H.; uncanny ability to see what’s coming down the pike, and has all the I’s dotted & T’s crossed, and even invents new ones. You love making things happen seamlessly and flawlessly.

To Apply for the Insider’s Alliance:

Download and Complete the application and follow instructions for submission. Download your application here.