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Your 2020 Vision

 Ignite the Life that Is Waiting for You

A Free Virtual Event by Bestselling Author Tama Kieves

Recorded Thursday, January 9, 2020

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What do YOU want this year to be?

What if you could capture an electric intentionality …that could transform everything?

We’re entering a new year. It could be the best year of your life.  Are you willing to give up frustration and old stories?

(Oh, yes, you are—because life is too short to stay compromised, especially when your best life is calling your name—no matter what your circumstances look like!)


Tama Kieves, best-selling author and USA Today featured visionary career/success catalyst, travels all over the country and internationally to help leaders, artists, organizations & businesses connect to their vision and LIVE it.  And in this one-time-only event, she is sharing her best strategies for finding your truth ….for FREE.

Connecting to your vision is not about planning. It is not something you can “figure out,” craft or manipulate.  Your 2020 Vision is receiving the truth.  Receiving what has always been there – but owning it and dedicating yourself to it in an authentic and sustainable way.

Join meaning seekers and mavericks world-wide together in a powerful container of energy and intentionality– as we consciously move past all blocks and barriers and ignite the life that has always been waiting for us. You will leave with mindset shifts you can use for the rest of the year.

Tama will share:

      • * Why “popular” approaches to visioning can often disappoint – and an alternative that WORKS miracles!
      • * Techniques to clear away disappointment about the past and help you Begin Again in a quantum shift way, in 2020.
      • * How to differentiate between your “head’s goal” and your “heart’s goal” – and find the heart-led vision that will take you all the way!
      • * A deep experience in touching the brilliant knowing in you – the Vision you have always known – and opening the door toward it.
      • * The One Essential Practice you need to know to awaken from complacency, frustration and disappointment….that can help you every single day this year!

YOUR 2020 VISION webinar will be crafted around YOUR questions…and it’s experiential…joined with others from around the world.  And it’s FREE!  (but the experience of touching your truth is priceless!)

Let’s create a world of living our truth!  It’s free!  So please share this extraordinary opportunity with your loved ones!